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Christmas shopping on Ibiza

Treat yourself, too.

Whether you've been naughty or nice, the time of giving is upon us once again. No matter our intentions, we all end up buying some presents. It does not have to be a drag, though. Make Christmas shopping a treat for you, too, this year, by taking a mini-break to Ibiza to get all those gifts out of the way.

With plenty of original gifts and hardly any crowd, Ibiza turns into a magical place to do your Christmas shopping. The best thing about it? You will get away from the season madness of the large cities. No swarms of people shoving and pulling - far from it.

Rather, be ready for a whole new rhythm to Christmas shopping. As always during low season, the atmosphere is very laid-back and relaxed here on the island - and did we mention it's quite warm, too? You can have lunch and bask in the sun in between purchases.

You will find special local products, one-of-a-kind pieces and unusual combinations. Come with empty cabin luggage to fill up your case. If you already live here, all the better. Have a look at how you can get more joy out of this season

The lights go on from 29 November to 6 January, so you can hit plenty of Christmas markets while you are here as well. Look out for our Christmas markets feature coming soon.

In the meantime, here's a taste of what awaits.

super island originals

With a style all its own, Ibiza bursts with bohemian adlib fashion, island-inspired products and original trinkets that you will find here only.

Campos De Ibiza, Ibiza Aloe, Sal De Ibiza, Agua De Mar Ibiza y Formentera and Hierbas De Ibiza are only some of the brands made from herbs and plants from the island. Once you try them, you will never want to use anything else.Ibiza also has plenty of homemade fashion brands. You can find plenty of fashion and even jewellery typical of the Balearics.

The most archetypal styles on Ibiza are bohemian or hippie chic and adlib fashion. Since 1971, Adlib - which is short for the Latin expression “ad libitum” and means “freely” - has been the signature style of the island.

To grab some for yourself, head to Moda Adlib, which started the whole thing and consists of multiple designers and brands.

For a more bohemian elegance, Reina & Roses is the way to go, while for Ibiza's hippie heritage World Family Ibiza and Hippy Chick Ibiza inspired by the gypsie culture, both eco-sustainable.

A very popular adlib option in Ibiza Town is Charo Ruiz. For a darker look, REvolver, also in the port is the way to go.

Many stores tend to close for a few months after the holidays, so you might even find a deal or two.

Plenty of lifestyle stores

Many island shop-owners gather original objects and clothes from their travels around the world then sell them here on the island. Plenty of lifestyle, concept and bric-a-brac stores are scattered around the island and in the cutest little towns.

Es Cucons in Santa Gertrudis, La Galeria Elefante, Sluiz and Oliver in the port, for example, offer plenty of decorative objects, and knick-knacks of all kinds and every price range.

Right outside the port of Ibiza Town, Muebles Junco y Mimbre has something for anyone. Mainly made of reed and wicker, their merchandise is made of exclusively natural materials, sourced from around the world. You are guaranteed to find something for everyone there.

eco-friendly love

No matter what you decide to buy, remember to be mindful of your choices. Every purchase casts a vote for the type of products we want on the market.

Here are some tips for a more conscious Christmas. Choose locally-made gifts made of natural materials, such as wood, stone, paper and plants. Give experiences, for example, workshops to learn how to make your own body lotions, hierbas or honey. Choose plastic-free packaging.

Speaking of packaging, turn it into part of the fun by choosing brown or recycled paper to wrap presents then decorate them yourself. Also, make homemade cards. These are creative and fun activities for children, too, besides being more environmentally friendly.

The Cooperativa of San Antonio has launched a project that features a corner with products from the Balearics. It's called Farmers & Co and offers selections of local olives, olive oil, carob, almonds, spirits and more from Ibiza - perfect to create a beautiful Christmas basket.

Ibiza Delivers has created four Christmas baskets, great for both corporate and family gifts.

mouthwatering selections

Whilst we are on the topic, Ibiza offers plenty of local culinary delights. The carob tree is prevalent on the island, so make sure to try the carob syrup and the chocolate bars by Exquisite. You'll be amazed. For all your hot sauce needs, choose Ibiza Chili Co.

As for alcohol, we have got you covered, too. If you have not already, try the island-made beer Ibosim with its incredibly creative flavours. For organic wine, oil, vinegar, salt and spirits, you can head out to Can Rich.

endearing handmade options

You don't have to break the bank either, Ibiza has a wealth of artisan artists and such at the markets for example

Hit the markets, including the Christmas ones, for handmade items, original jewellery, leather goods, local pottery and imaginative creations. Plenty of ornaments and seasonal objects will of course abound.

The original hippy market Las Dalias will be open every day from mid-December. The markets in San Juan, San Jordi, Forada and local pop-ups in every town will also have plenty to offer. Casa Maca is holding a Christmas Market on 14, 15, 21 and 22 December, where you will find local artisans and food producers, including the Christmas baskets from Ibiza Delivers.

general shopping

You can also get most high-street selections on the island or head to La Sirena for top brands and a great selection of clothing and even Ibiza souvenirs, including some great deals. Can't make it over to Ibiza? No problem, you can order from La Sirena online.

Whether you already live here or will be flying in for the occasion, have a wonderful Christmas.

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