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Great fashion brands born on Ibiza you should know about

Creative companies defining Ibiza style

Fashion on Ibiza is one of many reasons the island is adored and cherished. Here, a free spirited nature and a rich bohemian heritage has encouraged residents and visitors alike, to switch on to Ibiza style for decades.

Hippy markets, rave culture and all things hedonistic have undoubtedly made their mark on the island's style and are to thank for the laid-back, "anything goes" ethos that touches all that live here and come here.

What most people may not be aware of, is that a wealth of island-born brands offer creations that supply top-of-the-range, authentic Ibizan clothing, perfect to complete your very own Ibiza-inspired look.

So forget fast fashion and think Ibiza when looking for your next photo-ready outfit. We even picked out some of our favourite brands for you - check them out!



Via one woman's hopes and dreams, what started out as a mere hobby for owner Linda quickly turned into a vocational and creative path of design, gaining much recognition on Ibiza and internationally.

Made with the intention of expressing the wearer's free spirit, Linda Ibiza Leather Art exudes a care-free energy, not typically found in many other fashion genres.

From her humble beginnings, Linda's passion for creating never wavered, and a succesful business has been created specialising in gorgeous and very unique leather items.

For clothes, jewellery, bags, you name it - head down to her stall at the Las Dalias hippy market on any given Saturday or check out the online store.


A family affair at the World Family Ibiza store

For true originality, don't look much further than World Family Ibiza. This successful clothing brand came from humble beginnings and now offers a range of clothing that truly speaks to Ibiza's hippy heritage.

Deriving inspiration from their travels, the founders Alok and Merel began collecting unique embroidery from every corner or the world. After first visiting Morocco and India, inspiration for the brand blossomed and the pair set up camp in Ibiza to make their ideas a reality.

Starting out as just a stall at Benirras beach 20 years ago, the family-run, business now has three shops and has made it all the way to Paris Fashion Week and Elle magazine.

To this day everything is made by hand and you can find their ityems in three aesthetically amazing stores across the island with gorgeous jewellery, bags, amazing embroideries and more.

Go and find out for yourself and head down to one of three stores you can find in Las Dalias, San Carlos and Can Curune, where you can also find handmade furnishings and other items for your home.


With sustainability at its core, Hippy Chick Ibiza simply cannot be ignored, especially in the eco-conscious times we live in. Biodegradable fabrics, sustainable packaging and natural materials characterise the essence of this company and that's exactly why we love it.

The main brain behind the brand, Cecilia, pulled inspiration from gypsy culture before making her vision a reality and taking Ibiza by storm. Now, the brand is rightfully recognised world-wide and has stores in Ibiza Town and Marbella and is available online.

Helping preserve local nature is also important to the brand, with part of Hippy Chick's profits given to the Save Posidonia Project, a hugely important Mediterranean seagrass that is responsible for the beautiful crystal-clear waters around Ibiza and Formentera.


Bernadette Loriot began the now famous brand Ibiza Republic in 1994 with her husband. After moving to Ibiza, the fashionista bought 10,000 t-shirts which she later hand printed and sold in the Las Dalias hippy market - this paved the way for her success.

Taking inspiration from her childhood friend who was heavily into aviation, Loriot designed the iconic star-shaped logo and named the brand Ibiza Republic as a tribute to the Dominican Republic, a place she has visited frequently and loves.

Now, the brand contributes greatly to island fashion and can be found either online or in its store in Ibiza Town.


Each piece by Nok Nok is handcrafted and unique

Though based in London, this brand has never lost touch with its Ibizan roots. The basis for Nok Nok Denim's designs and entire ethos derives from Ibiza night life, London subcultures and influential stars like Jimi Hendricks. A succesful Ibizan fashion transfer to London.

Embracing individuality, the brand is made up of hand-customised ranges and eye-catching collections by the Ibiza-born creative mind, Angel Nokonoko. Expect loud colours and graffiti-style artwork when browsing the unique and imaginative online lookbook.

Nok Nok Denim is renowned for delivering long-lasting, great quality garments, each with their own expressive flair and artistic edge. All clothing is available online.


Izuskan Ibiza is another label to take into consideration when browsing for your perfect Ibiza-inspired outfit. The 12-year-old brand prides itself in offering a considerable hand-finished collection which includes scarves, kimonos, dresses and bandanas.

Julia Brandsma, chief designer and curator, designs her products right here on the island and applies further detail by hand to the clothing after having them specially made in India. Combining colours and culture, Brandsma offers clothing of high quality and great beauty with the theme of the traveller featuring strongly in collections.

Keep an eye out for the anticipated, forthcoming, 2019 winter collection, ahead of a further 2020 spring/summer line made up of hand-dyed dresses and accessories.


Multiple designers and brands make up Moda Adlib and today this fashion collective stands our as perhaps the most important and long-running fashion initiative on Ibiza. Yogoslavian Smilja Mihailovitch, part of Yogoslavian royalty, one of the main founders of Moda Adlib, is regarded as being amongst the first to popularise local Ibiza lifestyle and fashion trends, gaining her the unoffical title of the Pityusan Princess.

Consisting of unique and ornate collections from the different designers, Moda Adlib has helped define what is Ibiza style for over 45 years. Whilst its designs are constantly evolving, the timelessness of its clothes does not. Its guiding ideas in creating a form of hippy chic, respect for people's natural curves and a supreme wearability endure to this day too.

Each brand that makes up the collective, is notably trustworthy for delivering good quality, affordable garments that can be found in many stores across Ibiza Town and online.

Its stupendous annual spring fashion show, the Pasarela wows all that attend with some amazing pieces and is definitely one to add to the calendar

And there you have it - a round up of great selection of Ibiza-born fashion brands to get you started in creating your own look made up of gorgeous fashion from this island - happy shopping!


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