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Tasty times as Restaurat returns for 2019

Annual restaurant festival celebrates local lamb and traditional desserts.

A much loved gastronomic bridge between the summer and low seasons returns to San Antonio as the eleventh annual Restaurat food festival rides into town from today 21 October.

This year's star ingredient is lamb with a riff on traditional desserts to bring your meal to a sweet finish. All restaurants taking part compete to be crowned best Restaurat restaurant.

Running for a month and a half, the foodie favourite goes all the way to 8 December offering gourmet three-course meals. At €19 per head that's nothing to bleat about.

Participating restaurants include previous Restaurat winner Ample 32 as well as Hostal la Torre, Villa Mercedes, Es Nàutic, Bésame Canalla and further afield, Can Mussonet in San Rafael.

You will see lamb cooked and prepared in a variety of ways with dishes like tasty traditional roasted shoulder, a confit with quince membrillo, millefeuille or tortellini pasta.

Ibiza is famous for its lamb, one of the island's most characteristic food products, linked to its gastronomy and countryside where lambs can roam freely and eat a vegetarian diet.

Each year the event champions a different local product, such as pumpkin, local cheese, honey, almonds or sobrasada cured pork sausage. Chef's use their creativity to prepare some excellent dishes.

Go to the downloadable PDF brochure link on our event page for a full list of restaurants taking part.

You can check which days the restaurants are open by looking at the end of each venue's section, in the PDF. Days open, listed from Monday to Sunday, are highlighted by an orange circle. Note that menus are in Spanish and Catalan.

Each Restaurat meal comes with a coupon allowing you to enjoy a range of discounts in local San Antonio shops. Check out the brochure for the full list of outlets.

You'll love this gourmet autumnal food delight and with such a great price, you'll be checking out as many restaurants as you can. Bon profit, as the locals say!

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