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Eventful times at Las Dos Lunas with its Peruvian pop-up

Baby Brasa pop-up with "world's hottest chef" arrive at oasis of cuisine and style.

When you get an invitation to meet the “world's hottest chef” in one of Ibiza's most magical and iconic restaurants, Las Dos Lunas, it's an offer that's hard to resist. Known for its stunning take on Italian and Mediterranean food, we were curious to see how this Peruvian food pop-up would turn out at the famed eatery.

In a three day event, the restaurant invited said hot chef, Franco Noriega to cook at the restaurant in a New York to Ibiza transfer of his Baby Brasa restaurant. On the menu was a delicious three course On Fire menu, featuring some excellent dishes, showcasing Franco's take on Peruvian cooking, a cuisine that alongside Italian food, is ranked amongst the world's finest. This would be healthy, modern and fusion.

Franco Noriega bringing his take on Peruvian food to Las Dos Lunas IbizaFranco Noriega bringing his take on Peruvian food to Las Dos Lunas

Las Dos Lunas, like the invited chef, believes in using the finest ingredients, even having its own vegetable garden, from where it sources gorgeous and tasty organic produce. It also aims to be as hyper-local with its food sourcing as is possible and also offers gluten-free and some incredibly good vegan options in its repertoire. So it's fitting (and an example of some great matching) that Baby Brasa be an all-organic restaurant.

Enchanting oasis

The wonderful world of Las Dos Lunas: lit at night, it's an enchanting oasis

We arrived early evening, entering the wonderful world of Las Dos Lunas. It's a striking place, filled with beautiful pieces of art, with pretty pink bougainvillea protruding from up above, seemingly all around. Its most majestic feature is the hand-painted floor with a stunning Harlequin pattern that welcomes you as you walk in. It's expertly lit, by owner Massimo and when darkness falls, it becomes an enchanting oasis.

This night was to be the latest in a series of special events, with more to come in August and September and indeed the venue does make a great spot for themed nights. We're reliably informed that we can expect more great surprises too. Last year's excellent Full Moon party, was a delicious way to the rising blood moon and the Paradise Challenge event featured leading international models.

Then of course, many a celebrity has had a private party here, we'd love to tell you more, though this would be to break the restaurant's discretion. Let's just say some BIG names.

We learnt that our pop-up chef Franco believes in the philosophy of “you are what you eat”. He's also a model who achieved fame by doing (largely) naked YouTube recipe videos and when you see his admirable body, you'll see that he's a testament to his own belief.

Setting the standard

Sea bass ceviche, delicate, delicious, a dream

Having eaten at Las Dos Lunas before, we knew the standard was high. Could Franco's food be a match for that of the restaurant, we wondered? First up was an appetiser of baby potatoes in their skins, hard boiled egg and a creamy, supremely tasty sauce. We loved it, so this boded well for the Peruvian food menu yet to come.

First up from the menu was a sea bass ceviche, with giant chunks of pale lemon coloured corn, red onion and sweet potato. This was incredible, delicate, delicious, a dream. Apparently the “leche de tigre”, the sauce that marinates the fish, is great for a hangover. None of us had one, but we noted the information for future use.

Scallops with a gratin of parmesan cheese from the Baby Brasa pop-up menu

Next we were served scallops with a gratin of parmesan cheese, with fresh cut limes on the side to enliven it. Let's just say that this Peruvian-Italian combo did not last long in the shell as we all wolfed them all down greedily. The menu was paired with a choice of two cocktails too, we went for the classic Peruvian cocktail, Pisco Sour. it was a great example of the drink and went perfectly with the food.

On fire

Franco armed with chef's blowtorch to sear the tuna sashimi dish

The piece de resistance was the final plate in the trio of delights, the tuna sashimi “On Fire”, which, Franco himself came to finish off at the table. Armed with a chef's blowtorch, he seared the squares of tuna in a flourish, explaining how this added flavour to the fish and its sauce and crunchiness to the quinoa that surrounded it. This was for us, the stand out dish of the night. The sauce was just incredible, the tuna immensely delicate and flavoursome with the crunch of the quinoa, providing perfect balance.

To finish we had a lovely, light passion fruit sorbet with two biscuits shaped in the logo of Las Dos Lunas. It all seemed to go so quickly and we were totally absorbed in the delicious food and our conversation, just how a night out should be.

Keep an eye out for future events at Las Dos Lunas and if you haven't been there yet, it's time to try this magical spot out.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Dina Aragon and Las Dos Lunas

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