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The red moon shines brightly on Ibiza's Las dos Lunas

A full ‘blood’ moon party set the stage for a special event at the restaurant on a night to remember. 

Stepping into Las dos Lunas is like stepping into another world. Soft music greets you and as enter and look around, you get your first vision of an amazing walled paradise that has welcomed many, many guests over the years.

The restaurant is a perfectly pretty space: art fills the walls, vines and bougainvillea creep above and around you. The tables have flowers as centrepieces and the wine glasses, monogrammed with two moons' symbol of the restaurant add an air of class and remind you that this is a special place.

Events for all

Our delicious cocktail designed especially for the Las dos Lunas full moon event

We had gone to visit the restaurant for a full moon party, one of several events the restaurant is running. This night was special being a total lunar eclipse and the longest of the century: it's the time when the sun earth and the moon are in perfect alignment. With a special set menu, great music and dancing in honour of this red coloured “blood moon”, we knew we were in for a night to remember.

The event, the first of a series of public events is an ideal way to enjoy this iconic place. Of course, there's always the option of going private and holding a special celebration here. Just this week, the restaurant played host for the birthday celebration of King Carl Cox himself, though fear not, you don't have to be dance music royalty to book your own event.

Fabulous food

Aubergine parmigiana, like you've never tasted before

The Two Moons Lounge has just the right level of buzz and and is where many guests start before eating to try one of the sublime cocktails. From here we were seated at our table to eat.

The menu was a handpicked selection of some of the restaurant's classic dishes. A starter of aubergine ‘parmigiana' was perhaps the most delicate example of this Italian classic I had ever tasted. This came with a payesa or ‘peasant' salad, shaped into a perfect disc. Both had that kind of freshness that comes from the bonus of the restaurant having its own vegetable garden.

Next was a plate featuring two of the homemade items for which the restaurant is famous: fresh pasta and risotto. These dishes are made fresh daily and have almost no parallel on this island; tasting is believing. The cheese-and-tomato topped cannelloni tube was so fought over that my dining companion had to give up and let me finish it. The risotto was perfumed and flavoured with truffle oil and was an absolute delight. A veal escalope with marsala wine, another staple of the Italian table, proved to be wonderfully delicate and niclely slow-cooked.

Homemade pasta that more than surpasses expectations

A dessert of unctuous chocolate cake with home made vanilla ice-cream ended our eating and was as richly rewarding as everything else. We were invited to end our meal with a cocktail made especially for the event made from Frerejean Champagne and Moonwater (of course), the two brand sponsors of the night. It was a fitting end to a lovely meal.

In the footsteps of the famous

Capturing the total lunar eclipse at Las dos Lunas' full moon event

That this place has welcomed kings, celebrities and the great and good of Ibiza should come as no surprise. Once you make your way over the harlequinned floor tiles, through this wondrously-lit oasis, you feel a certain kind of magic.

It seemed fitting that the natural celestial night spectacle of the lunar eclipse would be a similar alignment to that of the restaurant with the clubs Privilege and Amnesia situated in a line on this long stretch of road. The restaurant's history has been intertwined with these temples of night time pleasure as much as it has with that of modern Ibiza, serving as an ideal start point for a fantastic night out.

What about the moon? It was an amazing ¡sight to see it illuminated a majestic red. We are going to have to wait until the next century for one as special; whilst waiting, there's always the twin moons and the delight of Las dos Lunas - make it a vital stop on your next island visit.