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Top pre-party cocktails at The Two Moons Lounge

This cocktail lounge between Privilege and Amnesia delivers top of the line cocktails to start your night off right.


If you're after some of the most exquisite cocktails on the island, take note. An ideal place to start the night, the Two Moons Lounge will no doubt satisfy even the most exigent of tastes.

One of the few restaurants with a romantic history on Ibiza, Las Dos Lunas offers more than delectable food. An oasis of serenity and poise, the venue also has a naughty vein, a graceful one, of course.

Concealed in plain sight between Ibiza Town and San Rafael, the Two Moons Lounge complements the restaurant by extending beyond your meal. Easily one of the most charming spots on the island, it brings to life fairy tale world with impeccable quality, enchanting energy and, you guessed it, a professional mixologist. Pablo prepares cocktails that will leave you unable to match them.

Luscious cocktails

The head bartender Pablo creates cocktails in every style and fashion. A proper mixologist, he makes all mixers from scratch, including the juices and syrups. With this in mind, we could not wait to have a try.

Don't be fooled by the classic menu. That's only because the venue is a classic. The actual menu is in Pablo's mind. Pablo sees mixology as a science more than an art: a science of flavours. He crafts them like a songwriter, like any artist, often not knowing what he will make when he starts especially if you give him free rein, as I did.

While I usually do not like strong drinks, the Mexico Caliente he presented me was nothing short of outstanding. Exclusively of premium spirits, the mezcal, Don Julio tequila, lemon, lime, tabasco and a homemade sugar syrup topped with dehydrated pomelo blended into the most unexpected result. What surprised me the most of the drink was how smoothly it went down.

Living on Ibiza since 2000, the Argentinian born Pablo studied in Buenos Aires, Miami and London before moving to the White Isle and starting his own bartending school. His extensive preparation shines through in his drinks. As he related his background, he also made a Moscow Mule with two types of vodka, Belvedere and rye vodka, and an organic ginger beer. Ambrosial.

Among his favourites to make, not to mention next on our list, are the dry martini, the basil and coconut Mojito and the electric mojito.

Enchanting ambience

In all frankness, few places on the island offer such a bewitching setting. An old finca transformed from an antique shop into a vibrant haven, since 1981 it is constantly refreshed with the tender loving care that only two generations of dedication can provide.

The Two Moons Lounge emerges on one end of the charismatic courtyard where the restaurant tables are. However, you can enjoy your cocktails anywhere in the venue. Multiple areas offer a variety of different spots to relish Pablo's creations.

With background music designed to appeal to all generations every few songs, a most distinctive decor and bewitching lighting, you will be hard-pressed for choice. While you may be sitting next to a celebrity or two, you will be treated the same way.

Convenient location

Bringing glamour to the middle of the highway that connects two of the island's major clubs, Las Dos Lunas with its Two Moons Lounge is a stone's throw away from both Amnesia and Privilege, as well as Underground, a nightclub for those in the know.

Away from all the mayhem of the town centre, this gem also offers valet parking, always a welcome commodity on Ibiza.

Perfect for post-dinner drinks or pre-clubbing booster, the Two Moons Lounge will get your night started in style.


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