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Bloop Art Festival comes back with RESILIENCE for 2019

The interactive art festival is back and it’s free!

For the ninth consecutive year, the interactive and immersive art festival Bloop is due to bring its creative frequencies to Ibiza from August 15 to September 5 2019.

Mainly based around Ibiza Town and with the theme of ‘RESILIENCE' this year, Bloop, comes back in a reduced format.

Let this not worry you as Bloop is still seeking to inspire and connect people through its main message of 'Art is for everybody', true democracy of art.

Failure and the ability humans have of bouncing back, is the basis of this year's theme, with Bloop aiming to provoke thought and conversation around this topic.

A still from Koba.K24's viral plastic bag use video

Art installations, murals, street art, virtual reality and workshops are just a few of the elements on offer and they are all completely free - the event is designed to appeal to those that are indifferent to art as well as its big fans.

Most of the festival spaces and venues will be outdoors in visible points on the island - those that encounter these art works will see Bloop in action all around.

Other artists involved in the festivities include street-art pioneer Ben Eine, a collaborator of the artist Banksy and Koba.K24 whose plastic bag use video went viral. Look out for more from regular resident Pineapple Crocidile too.

Work by Phlegm & AEC Interesni Kazki in San Antonio

Running over a 22 day period, the festival will showcase a mixed bag of interactive events with the open-air gallery, of course, available to see across the entire island.

Exact locations for all new murals and installations will remain under wraps, encouraging islanders to get out and about.

As the full programme is still to be released, keep your eye on Bloop's website for the full story.

Get out and get Bloop and enrich your life through art!

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