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Bambuddha's vegetarian banquet

Plant-based dishes make a star entrance.

Fine dining should always be a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond just great food and elevates the diner to a higher level of consciousness. Bambuddha is a venue that has consistently delivered on atmosphere and quality cuisine over many years and, from the moment you step behind the bamboo curtain, you are welcomed into an immersive, South East Asian wonderland.

There is an astonishing variety of Asian cuisine available at Bambuddha, but we were keen to experiment exclusively with meat and fish-free dishes, so were treated to the chef's selection of purely vegetarian and vegan offerings. Together they created a veritable banquet and even reinvigorated our appreciation of the virtues of tofu.

For a recent look at Bambuddha's full menu, see last year's article, "Bambuddha Ibiza - a temple to indulgent fusion cuisine".

Surrounded by tropical hardwood and multiple artifacts of Buddhism, with a few nods to Hinduism, every detail evokes emotions from anyone who has travelled to those distant lands. The menu is influenced by the culinary traditions of the many countries shaped by the teachings of the Buddha and all dishes are prepared with the delicacy and lightness of touch that you would expect from one of Ibiza's most original and prestigeous dining establishments.

First stop - and to whet our appetites in the famous cocktail bar - we had one of Bambuddha's cheeky, tantric sex-inspired, range of cocktails. I chose two entirely different whiskey based blends: from the dry bitterness of Kali, a brutal mix of mezcal and bourbon, appropriately named after the Hindu goddess of power and destruction; to the sweet and creamy, "I'm Coming", an intriguing combination of American rye whiskey Italian Amaro, and spice with a happy ending of vanilla ice cream.

When describing a multitude of dishes it is impossible for the food writer to convey every detail. Therefore, on this occasion, we thought we'd let our gallery of beautiful images tempt you, with a little added commentary from us of course.

Crispy spring rolls

In the cocktail lounge, to accompany our aperitifs, we snacked on some traditional Chinese crispy spring rolls, filled with wild mushrooms, bok choy, bean sprouts, glass noodles and accompanied by sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Roasted aubergine and caramelised miso rolls

The sweet, honey flavours of the miso in the roasted aubergine rolls and the clever use of molecular gastronomy, to create the droplets of balsamic which could be rolled around on the tongue before popping, made this dish the biggest surprise of the night.

Crispy "Truffle Dumplings" - black truffle, tofu, shiitake and bok choy, served with honey balsamic sauce

Just about the right amount of truffle, a complementary flavour and not overpowering to the whole dish or those that followed.

Seaweed Poke Bowl - Hijiki seaweed, cucumber, edamame, red cabbage, smoked tofu, guava fruit, sesame honey vinaigrette

It is not often that tofu can be accused of adding flavour to a dish but this ridiculously healthy bowl of raw goodness was gifted an added dimension by the smokiness of the tofu.

MediterrAsian Uramaki rolls - Sun‐dried tomato, smoked tofu, Ibizan rocket, avocado, toban‐djan sauce, wrapped in roasted aubergine and chives

The spicy chilli bean sauce, gave each roll a pleasing sting in the tail.

Flowers and Herbs of Ibiza Uramaki rolls - heart of palm, avocado, fresh tomato, basil, micro mesclun and beetroot powder

Beautifully light and aromatic, the Flowers and Herbs of Ibiza rolls feature locally-grown micro herbs and edible violets, making this a truly original taste experience.

Unique Uramaki - both type of roll were very different in execution and flavour; displaying the versatility and ingenuity of the sushi chef's at Bambuddha.

Tofu Pad Thai - Stir fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, egg, roasted peanuts, coriander and sweet & salty tamarind sauce

Delicious smokey and peanutty goodness from this all time Thai classic..

Vegetarian Indonesian Laksa - King mushrooms, rice noodles, tofu and pumpkin in a delicate sweet yellow curry sauce

This Laksa was very mild in heat, but was more than compensated by the subtle flavours and the creaminess of the coconut milk.

Dessert Black Moon Eclipse - Chocolate sphere, kasutera, ginger ice cream, peanuts, caramel and Jamaican pepper soup

Almost certainly not vegan, but a work of culinary theatre nonetheless - the hot caramel sauce dissolving the sphere, revealing the deliciously creamy and spongy interior.

We were on a journey of discovery - could the menu satisfy our vegetarian needs? The answer was a resounding yes and we left Bambuddha feeling full yet happy and healthy - you will too, so make your way there.

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