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Bambuddha - a temple to indulgent fusion cuisine 

Opulent Asian splendour greets you on arrival at Bambuddha, temple of Asian-Spanish fusion dining.



Why go? For a romantic, intimate dinner with a lover or for a special occasion

What kind of food is it? Asian fusion, seafood, fresh grill

Who is it for? Locals and tourists alike

Can anyone go? Yes. Great for larger groups too.

Best table? For a date, pick a cozy Balinese bed for private dining. For groups, a round table in the main temple is perfect. Larger tables have a lazy susan in the middle, ensuring easy food access.



Opulent Asian splendour envelops you the second you step through Bambuddha, this temple to Asian-Spanish fusion dining. Stone statues of Buddhas, dragons, gods and goddesses stand on guard as stalks of colourfully lit bamboo line the walls and interior spaces, suggesting the venue's name is a combination of the two.

Its philosophy is centred on three pirate Buddhas: Tolerance, Freedom and Respect. They are a female, a transsexual and a male, showing the diversity of human sexuality. This is represented in the decor, the music and the shop, all nestled in the temple restaurant complex.

There are little nooks tucked around the side with Balinese beds and several main dining areas. Attention to detail has been carefully paid to ensure you feel as if you are transported back in time. All sense of the outside world melts away and you are in the moment when you walk in the door.

The bathrooms are accessed through the boutique that has a special adult shop on the side. Many of the items like the gorgeous candle centrepieces on the table are for sale in the shop, alongside designer items from local artisans and specialty clothes and jewellery designers.


Piquing all five of your senses, Bambuddha oozes spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. It has a distinctly tantric vibe, giving a nod to the history of the island's hedonism and free-spirited nature.

Smart and attractive staff attend to your every need, with specialists on hand to guide you through your dining experience. Our very knowledgeable oyster and caviar specialist shucked tableside whilst giving us the history of our tasting platter.

Oysters shucked as you wait

There is a live DJ playing chilled out world music in the bar where you can order tapas and have cocktails whilst waiting for your party to arrive.

To further stimulate your senses, different zones in the non-dining areas were lightly scented with different burning incense. Massage angels were on hand for anyone still holding onto stress or their previous night out.

All staff expertly attended to us throughout our meal and only occasionally did it feel as though we were over-waited on.


Sumptuous morsels of paper thin miso aubergine bites

Bambuddha is well know on and off Ibiza. It's been a staple of amazing Asian food for years and one of the first places on the island to serve authentic sushi. This is still very much the case but is just a part of the menu that will leave you spoiled for choice. We went along to try a selection of dishes brand new for this year. Read on to find out what we found out.

Whilst sipping cocktails called “foreplay” and “meditation”, we were escorted to our table for the first course and a house speciality - oysters. There is a raw oyster bar and very knowledgeable staff on hand, explaining how to eat them and with what accompaniments as well as the history behind them. As someone who is allergic to them, I was so impressed I was almost tempted to try one but I left that to my dining companions who thoroughly enjoyed them.

Moving on to more traditional Asian starters, there was something for everyone. The vegan amongst us came out on top with the miso aubergine bites. A sumptuous morsel of paper thin aubergine wrapped around a miso nugget, served with beautiful edible flowers. The prawn sashimi and crispy squid came surrounded by a lake of cherry dipping sauce and was both creamy, tangy and crispy. A real palate pleaser.

Mouth-melting scallop, ceviche and beef carpaccio

We moved onto scallop, ceviche and beef carpaccio - both melting in our mouths as we carefully lifted the delicately presented morsels off their platters. We also tried the sushi-style torched salmon roll. The salmon was like butter and adding a bit of watercress in the middle, gave it a yin and yang feel.

To accompany all this, the wine sommelier suggested Chateau Saint-Maru, a bright and medium bodied rose that didn't overpower our fish. We also tried a lighter red to pick up on the fruit overtones in the food but still complement the next course - the meat.

The stars of the night for me were the Wagyu beef served sliced on a hot plate and the sashimi served in a gorgeous bamboo steamer garden. Both true melt-in-your-mouth moments. The Australian beef was perfectly pink in the middle but with a barbecue crust that had all us fighting over the last piece.

A beautiful Japanese sashimi garden

The Sashimi Garden dish was stunningly presented in tiers, redolent of a beautiful Japanese garden. The fish was cut expertly in to bite-size pieces, neither too thick or thin. The three different kinds of tuna were a stand-out for us as was the salmon.

Although I think we had well and truly been spoiled by the depth and variety of the dishes, we did save a speck of room to try dessert. We chose the Coconut Milk Foam consisting of dulce de leche and fresh banana topped with a coconut milk foam, decorated with Oreo cookie powder and served with peanuts and chocolate roots. WOW! If you're going clubbing afterwards, fuel up on this one. Super sweet but delicious and could keep your energy up for hours.

Dark side of the moon - the show-stopping Black Moon Eclipse dessert

The star of the afters was, without a doubt, the Black Moon Eclipse. It was a real show-stopper at the table. Starting out as a chocolate sphere it contained kasutera, ginger ice cream, peanuts, caramel and Jamaican pepper soup. The top of the sphere melting to reveal the goodies inside. As my colleague put it, “I ate the darkness”.

Bambuddha makes for a proper swanky night out and the food is divine - it's a time-honoured Ibiza destination restaurant and really worth the experience.

Ibiza Spotlight tip
Take a hot date. This is a great place to flash the cash. When we were there we saw a couple get engaged!


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