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Vegan dishes at top restaurants in and around Ibiza Town

How to have a vegan meal with your non-vegan friends.

Whilst Ibiza has a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, you don't necessarily need to go to a specialised place to get a delicious vegan meal. Plus, when you are with friends that are more omniverous, they'll be happy too. Many restaurants on Ibiza these days have plenty to choose from, catering to many or most dietary preferences.

To make sure, we checked out a few of our favourites in and around Ibiza Town. Their selections exceeded our expectations. Neo-vegans or veg-curious, rest assured. Every menu has something delicious. Vegan or not, you will love these dishes – mark our words.

A Son de Mar | Marina botafoch

Despite specialising in seafood, A Son De Mar offers delectable vegan selections too. Make sure to start with some of its mouth-watering cocktails, handmade and created by the gracious staff.

For starters, the four tomatoes' salad consists entirely of Ibizan products, even down to the extra virgin olive oil and salt. The fresh fruit and goat's cheese salad was even tastier – simply ask for it without the cheese. This sounds like there won't be much left: you still get salad leaves, the fruit and the incredible dressing. As any vegan will tell you, this would be enough. For the main course, the gorgeous vegetable paella had nothing to envy a seafood one. Even the flesh-eaters amongst us could not get enough of it.

Valencian chef Ivan Ronchera shared his secret with us. Simply put, it's careful preparation, using a specially prepared vegetable stock that's bursting with plant flavour, then the actual selection of the vegetables. Finally, as with any paella, it is cooked in a thin layer to give it the perfect crispiness and taste. As for dessert, thinly sliced pineapple with lime juice did the trick. This pudding will rock any foodie's world.

Gave Mx | Ibiza town

If you're thinking vegan Mexican food means beans and that's it, you will be pleasantly surprised. This tucked-away Mexican restaurant, Gave Mx bursts with vegan creativity. Mexican owner and chef Mexican Rojekio researched vegan restaurants in his home country to come up with some mouthwatering options.

The vegan tacos blew us away with three options to choose from. The al pastor replicates its meat counterpart with texturised soya protein, the poblano includes green peppers, corn and coriander and my personal favourite, if I could manage to choose one, the Jamaican tacos with hibiscus flowers, that fill in for meat. As unusual as it may sound, hibiscus flowers are a new vegan trend directly from Mexico. Try it and believe it.

Gave Mx's four handmade chilli sauces in test tubes: serrano, jalapeño, chipotle and habanero, in order from least to most spicy, could spice up anything and were amazing partners for these wonderful vegan dishes. Even the the tortilla chips and guacamole served in a traditional volcanic rock bowl loved the sauces. We had all accompanied by an hibiscus lemonade.

This restaurant is ideal for a fun night out with friends or simply to enjoy some of the finest Mexican food available on the island.

Las Dos Lunas | Carretera san antonio

One of the most charming restaurants on Ibiza, Las Dos Lunas extends one of its best qualities by accommodating the preferences of every guest and offering plenty of options for vegans and even those requiring gluten-free dishes. First, make sure to start with one of the restaurant's cocktails: its handmade syrups make all the difference.

To whet our appetite, a most delicate and creamy gazpacho with finely cut vegetables and croutons hit the spot. Making simple dishes delicious is a testament to the talent of the chef, combined with the quality of the seasonal vegetables grown in the restaurant's own garden.

Keeping it simple, I had gluten-free al dente pasta with tomato sauce plus grilled-to-perfection vegetables, which I combined with my pasta. The result was utterly delectable. The asparagus and truffle pasta can also easily be made vegan by the way. For dessert, try the handmade sorbets, even better when topped with some vodka.

The easy-listening soundtrack and fairytale setting make Las Dos Lunas all the dreamier. This is an ideal pre-party location, too, as it is right by Amnesia and Privilege. You will also love it for a very romantic or special occasion.

nobu ibiza bay | Talamanca bay

With four options to choose from, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay takes care of all its clients, including vegan ones. You can keep it really light and healthy with their incredibly stocked Juice Bar or head on over to one of the restaurants around the plush seaside property. How's that for choice.

The full-blown Chambao restaurant has a green avocado salad and vegetarian summer wrap. If you're after something a little bit more decadent, the truffle pizza might just be the choice for you. Or if your idea of eating is to pick, there's delicious tapas, maybe for an aperitif, before a night out and the tapas place is poolside!

For breakfast, snacks or a light meal, check out the Bay Café. After hummus and guacamole, go for the huerto toast, with mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli and more, as well as one of the salad bowls, such as their Bay Café one with quinoa, avocado, kale and pomegranate or if you've been naughty dive into the Detox Bowl.

The Bay Café even has dessert: the vegan coconut ice-cream, as well as loads of breakfast options. Yum.

STK Ibiza | Marina Botafoch

Casual fine dining at its best, STK Ibiza - contrary to its name (short for steakhouse) also caters to its vegan clients and with some mouthwatering selections too. A gastronomic experience through and through, vegans can get things started with bread - also gluten-free - and alioli or chickpea falafel.

The heart of the meal is the famous Beyond Burger in a sweet potato bun with the juiciest combination of truffled special sauce and avocado. STK's sides of mushrooms, plantain crisps and, my personal favourite, sweet potato fries make this one amongst the most scrumptious meals you can have - vegan or not!

The venue is perfect as a pre-clubbing destination. With multiple parties every night of the week, including the Flower Power dinner pre-party, pop events with SINTILLATE, Mko Party, Nuage and Doris's Dinner Party in collaboration with Candypants, to name a few. Plus with a very delicious cocktail selection, you can make quite a night of it.

Ushuaïa Beach Club | playa d'en bossa

The Ushuaïa Beach Club has so much to choose from you would think it specialised only in vegan dishes. The remarkably artistic presentation adds to that feast-for-the-eyes factor.

Starting with an amuse bouche of potato croquettes with salsa "Brava", which we bet no one would have even noticed was plant-based, we then tried its four types of hummus, including traditional, beetroot, cauliflower and aubergine, all with crudites. They not only tasted delicious but also looked like a painting. We followed this with a a delicate and delightfully refreshing gazpacho. And there was still more to come.

The palm heart ceviche also looked like an edible art piece, with jicama (an up and coming root vegetable that hails originally from Mexico) , radishes, physalis, edible flowers, seaweed and more, arranged in a circle around a citrus sauce of “aji de rocoto” with bell peppers.

The quinoa tower with sweet potato, beetroot, rocket, broccoli and pistachios plus the wok noodles with vegetables and tofu were both worth awards. Despite all we ate, one of the best parts of opting for plant-based options is that we felt pleasantly full yet incredibly light, ready to party on. To top it all off, a chocolate tequila chupito (Spanish for a shot) rounded this off perfectly.

All these dishes were pure plant paradise and although your meat and fish eating friends can have what they want, you really should encourage them to try, just for a night, one of these fabulous dishes. It's good for them and good for the planet.

For a range of restaurants across the entire island, head on over to our restaurant guide, where you are sure to find the ideal spot for you.

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