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Gave Mx Restaurant

Ibiza Town (Eivissa). GAVE Mx offers authentic Mexican food in this delightful restaurant, bringing you the heart and soul of traditional Mexican recipes.


Located in Ibiza Town in a pedestrianised area, the restaurant is ideal for families and all lovers of Mexican cuisine.

A taste of the real Mexico in Ibiza is what you will get at this delightful restaurant offering properly authentic dishes updated with today's tastes and flavours. The menu has been designed by the Mexican head chef and co-owner Rogelio, for whom cooking is a real passion. Here, you are a world away from the Tex Mex style, and instead will get the zing and layers of flavour that only properly prepared Mexican food gives you.

Dishes use genuine Mexican ingredients including chillies, spices and corn tortillas – here it really is the real deal. You can choose from cochinita pork tacos with bright pink pickled onions or those with pineapple and a touch of coriander, typical of the taquerías of Mexico City. A must try are the enmoladas – tortillas filled with braised chicken and topped with a mouth-watering mole sauce made up of ground chocolate beans / bitter chocolate, seeds, tomatoes and chillies.

There are delicious Mexican desserts one with cajeta, made from sweetened goats milk or the unctuous “Mostachón” which has many addicts already. Fittingly there are several variations on a margarita and a selection of some of the finest tequilas and mezcals for your enjoyment.

This place is perfectly situated in Ibiza Town in a safe pedestrianised area, 20 metres from a children's playground so is ideal for families who can eat whilst their kids play close by. You'll be treated to some of the best, fastest and friendliest service around to make your total experience the best the restaurant can offer.

Event catering with "Taco Bike"

Gave Mx can bring the flavour of Mexico to your next special event on their "Taco Bike" with a personal chef to prepare delicious, Mexican food wherever you want.

The "Taco Bike" is a food cart, which carries an integrated kitchen so that customers can enjoy an authentic Mexican taste; It serves different types of cuts for the tacos, meat straight from the rotating spit, guacamole, quesadillas, taquizas and much more.

You can request the service for any part of the island and even your boat, we can adapt to any circumstance, event and celebration.

Resort: Ibiza Town (Eivissa)