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Ibiza on a budget | Eat & drink your way around Playa d'en Bossa

A budget foodie's guide to the popular resort.

Ibiza is not short on options to eat and drink. Though if you are on a budget, are partying back-to-back, or you've splashed out on accommodation, you may want to offset that with places that won't break the bank.

For ease of mind, Ibiza Spotlight is taking some of that stress away. We always like to assist where we can.

In the third article in this series, we take a closer look at places in Playa d'en Bossa where you can eat and drink and not be presented with a nasty surprise when the bill arrives.

Check out how to budget eat and drink your way around San Antonio and Ibiza Town too.


We're going to level with you. If you're of the inclination to go out all night and be leaving the club at 06:00 in the morning, chances are breakfast is the last thing on your mind. But there's a reason why they call it the most important meal of the day.

Start your day right with breakfast and fresh juice at Dunes Ibiza.

Had you been trawling the nocturnal delights of Playa d'en Bossa the night before, chances are you already encountered a taste of Dunes Ibiza. Fortunately, those grafters work around the clock and are open again in time for brekkie.

After a night out, replacing those lost electrolytes is important in order to aid recuperation. If you can't stomach any solids, then equally beneficial will be one of Dunes' energy-boosting fruit juices. Refreshing and rehydrating - and as good as any meal, but particularly a skipped meal! For something more substantial, the American-style pancakes are a winner for us.

If it's no-nonsense, stodgy, home comfort food you seek, then The Sports Café is calling you. Traditional English fry-ups with baked beans and proper English-style sausages - there's a reason we Brits call these cafés a "greasy spoon". Hangover-busting stuff for wherever you happen to come from You'll find it tucked off Avinguda Pere Matutes Noguera, on the opposite side of the road to the New Algarb hotel.


Figueretas and the area it inhabits can sometimes be interpreted as the outer limits of Ibiza Town, while many consider it an extension of Playa d'en Bossa. For the sake of this feature, we're sticking with the latter. And for good reason: it has plenty of options for affordable food.

Home Loos is one of our favourite restaurants. Putting its own spin on traditional Spanish dining, it offers tapas with a Dutch twist. Ravenous or merely peckish, pick out your highlights from a broad menu and snack away. The portions are, well, tapas-sized, but big on flavour. Towering proprietor Loo will regale you with stories from his rugby playing days in Wales.

A towering stack of bun, pattie, condiment and filler from The Booo

Next we put the humble burger under the microscope - and there's plenty of choice. The Booo - also found in Figueretas - happens to do them exceptionally well. There's almost thirty varieties to choose from, meaning all tastes and dietary requirement boxes are ticked. It's worthwhile noting it also runs a handy delivery service.

Moving onto Playa d'en Bossa town centre, two more burger options present themselves in the form of Steak N Shake and Rona's. Steak N Shake is part of the franchise of American style diners. As well as being friendly on those pursestrings, the food here is ideal for mopping up any lingering intoxicants from the night before. You can grab a gourmet sandwich here from under €6.

Playa d'en Bossa has a strong Italian contingent, comprising of holidaymakers, seasonal workers and permanent residents. Not only does it make the town one of Ibiza's most cosmopolitan, but it means there's an abundance of genuine Italian food.

Selling pizza by the slice - the large slice, mind you - is Pizza Piadina. Little more than a kiosk desk, it's quick and easy to grab a bite on the go. Bella Napoli is another pizzeria that stays open late with alfresco seating. Also within close proximity is Michaela. Offering perhaps the Everest of Western indulgence, is its self-styled foldover pizza filled with doner kebab and garlic sauce. Plenty enough for two to share.

Seeking Mexican cuisine? Take a look at Can Burrito and dine on a main for under €10. Its concise but honed cocktail menu also shaves a few Euros off the competition. As for beer and wine - they're both a steal.

Should you want to steer away from Western food, then you might like to consider a touch of the orient.

Some of the best sushi the island has to offer at the Jet Complex

One of the cheapest - but also one of the best - is Jet Sushi & Tapas Bar located - as you might expect - at the Jet Apartments Complex. Found next to Moorea's grill, it's been known to offer free samples to anybody curious but hesitant to commit. So perch your bum down, order a drink, look inquisitive and try your luck! Chances are you'll be impressed enough to place an order.


One of the cheapest places to get tasty food on Ibiza: Chopstiqs

Chopstiqs is another favourite. Putting on a full spread of Chinese, Thai, Filipino and Indonesian dishes, it's about the cheapest places to grab very tasty food on the entire island. Those takeaway pots are a seasonal workers' favourite - absolute lifesavers.

It sounds like common sense, but it's always worth remembering that anywhere locals gravitate to is likely to offer good quality as well as being reasonably priced. Nobody likes spending over the odds in their own backyard. This is where Es Prat comes in.

Hidden in the shadow of the Hard Rock Hotel/Ushuaïa complex, Es Prat provides tapas, pinchos, bocadillos and salads in a quaint outdoor setting. Travelling with children? This could be the place for you, as there's an onsite play area to keep them entertained whilst you enjoy the ambience.

Looks can be deceiving. Although S'Enramada may not look the part from outside, it's one of Playa d'en Bossa's best kept secrets. Family-run, the food is caringly prepared. Check-out the tremendous value set menu or menu del día. We have a hankering for its clams with blue cheese and bacon.


Dunes two-for-one cocktail deals are a great way to start the night

Back into the thick of the action, we return once more to Dunes - this time for its liquid appeal. Strong but refreshing, its cocktails are to die for. We particularly recommend the frozen strawberry daiquiri.

Ordering cocktail after cocktail will inevitability burn through your cash. Fortunately, you can take advantage of Dunes' happy hour which runs Monday to Thursday from 19:00 to 20:30 and gets you two-for-one deals on those well-crafted concoctions.

Take advantage of Tantra's all inclusive bars

Across the road, Tantra Ibiza has a reputation as a vibrant place to begin your night. In 2019, you can get into the party spirit by taking advantage of the bar's three-hour all inclusive bar.

Featuring local beers, house spirits and unlimited soft drinks, this could be the perfect solution to those who don't fancy bar-hopping or running the PR gauntlet. Bear in mind, it's a marathon not a sprint - don't peak too early.

Official pre-parties also take place at Tantra. You can catch international DJs such as Steve Lawler before his Sunday Warriors party and Toolroom's golden girl Maxinne for free.

Drinks prices don't have to be that Hï

Drinking in the clubs is never cheap on Ibiza. But we do have some pointers to save a few Euros where possible. If is your destination of choice, then we thoroughly recommend taking advantage of the venue's recently launched drinks package.

It might only be a modest victory, but split between three or even two of you, those extra Euros will at least contribute to your taxi fare home.

Octan opened at the start of July on the former site of Sankeys.

In the same respect, the recently launched Octan Ibiza might still be pricey in comparison to purchasing drinks in a regular bar, though the underground venue is selling beer at €8 and water at €5 - it's a good saving.

If you found the information here helpful, then you might like to check-out our guides for San Antonio and Ibiza Town too. Happy foraging!

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