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Four pillars of green for Ibiza and Formentera

IbizaPreservation supports the islands' sustainable future.

Main picture Jon Izeta for IbizaPreservation

IbizaPreservation continues to invest in a green future for Ibiza and Formentera. Just over €140,000 has been earmarked to support four conservation pillars that the organisation believes will offer important support to the islands.

These four main projects include the Sustainability Observatory, Plastic Free Ibiza and Plastic Free Formentera, Posidonia Protection and Ibiza Produce.

Its Sustainability Observatory, a key component, gathers and analyses data on water use, waste and tourism. This information is aimed at better informing local officials, when making decisions concerning the environment.

The hot topic of single-use plastic is also high on the agenda, with the recent launch of Plastic Free Ibiza and Plastic Free Formentera, which helps local businesses reduce and then eliminate single use plastics, with a star rating offered to venues.

Many local restaurant and hotel businesses have already signed up with the number growing daily, most recently the Pacha Group signed up. The overall aim of the entire project is to phase out these plastics by 2023.

Educating younger generations is a key concern and the Posidonia Protection project, carried out by Vellmari Association, is doing just that by working with schools. Children are taught about the role of the Posidonia sea grass meadows in supporting the eco-system and keeping the waters crystal-clear.

Vellmari has already held snorkelling trips in order to introduce children first-hand to the meadows.

Mapping out the meadows will also monitor pollution levels and climate change and help identify conservation requirements.

Currently, just 2% of the produce consumed on Ibiza is grown on the island, so the Ibiza Produce project is aimed to increase this with support for more locally-grown food.

Strengthening the connections between farmers, chefs, retailers and consumers is the aim and it is hoped will encourage a better food supply network.

With many local farmers and producers now listed on the Ibiza produce website, it is now easier for all to access locally and sustainably produced food that hasn't travelled a long distance to reach our plates.

If you love Ibiza and Formentera, and like the work of IbizaPreservation, you can support the organisation through volunteering or donation. It's just a few clicks away!

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