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Heart Factory reminds us anything can happen

Anané & Louie Vega’s bring a very special guest to The Ritual.

As we reach the peak of the summer season, parties on the island are only getting hotter. One that undoubtedly proved this was this past Tuesday's Heart Factory. The opulent clubbing location brought the party once again with some very special surprises. Brace yourselves.

Renowned for its immersive qualities and special collaborations, the ingenious party set in stone my expectations for other club nights from here on out. Here's why.

My love story with HEART began with the music and from the moment I arrived I was in house music heaven. First up to play was The Ritual regular Christian Mantini. As a first-timer to his selections, I was pleasantly satisfied.

An old-time classic Blaze by Lovelee Dae caught my attention as I noticed the low-key production means compared to HEART's other over-the-top parties. Though projections and lighting were still well underway, fewer dancers and performers covered the dance floor than on my last visit.

Keeping music central to the night definitely paid off and although HEART is famous for its lavish look, a sense of underground was not at all lost - quite the opposite

Next up was Anané b2b Louie Vega - the power couple behind The Ritual and two awesome tech house DJs I couldn't wait to finally see. Like King and Queen, the pair reigned supreme.

Rebel Nation (Carl Craig Remix) by Louis Vega and Anané themselves was a track I especially took note off due to its dramatic and uplifting instrumental intro. To feel the vibe for yourself, check out the tune below.

In the duo's capable hands I danced for quite some time before getting taking my first quick breather. In preparation of the highly anticipated special guest's performance, I had to be refreshed. It was time to grab a drink and some fresh air on the club's spectacular terrace before making a hasty return to the dance floor.

At around 03:45 the switch was made and Anané and Louie Vega were swapped out of the DJ booth for tech-house legends - drum roll please - The Martinez Brothers. Along with their usual charisma, the brothers provided fun house tunes in a more relaxed style than their DC10 repertoire.

The Real Thing (Ricanstruction Mix) by Frankie Feliciano was one of their selected tunes. Once played, it left a huge scrunched up bass-face on me and almost everyone on the dance floor.

Waving my hands to the rapturous beats, I lost track of time and before I knew it, a special b2b by the brothers and Vega was well underway.

Leading us to the bittersweet end of a fabulous night, the three soon hit us with some soulful house and bouncy melodies. Check out Kiss by Seven Davis Jr for a taster of the night's tale end.

All in all, this edition of Heart Factory will definitely go down as one of my favourites and has undeniably heightened the bar for upcoming parties this summer.

To experience it for yourself read down for our party calendar where you will find further information, line-ups and tickets.

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