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Destinomakers announces special date with Joseph Capriati

...and three more.

Destinomakers is back for another season with four special dates. So far only one has been announced, but a very special one indeed. On Friday 26 July - the third date of the season - Joseph Capriati will host his birthday extravaganza at Destino.

The stunning setting of the Talamanca beauty spot will give the occasion an extra special touch. From 17:00 onwards the day club will come alive as the sun disappears and the captivating strobe lights come out in force lighting up the domed roofing.

We'll have to sit tight for the rest of the roster, though, as Destino plans to reveal the line-ups bit by bit as the season goes on. But they'll be worth the wait, we're sure.

In the meantime, pencil 20 June, 18 July, 26 July and 8 August into your dairies.

For up-to-date information and tickets see below.

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