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ANTS at Ushuaïa is finally back

The colony dancing metropolis.

Finally Saturdays on Ibiza are complete now that the ANTS colony has made its return for the 2019 summer season. Known for its notorious parties and knockout venue, Ushuaïa is a must for globetrotters - in my case for this party especially. Here's why.

Originating on Ibiza, the now globally recognised ANTS throws parties all over the world throughout the low season - from London's fabric to Belgium's Tomorrowland, the colony parties on.

However, what a better place to rave with the ANTS than its homeland Ibiza.

Men in morph suits, dancers on stilts and crazy decoration are just a few of the factors that make it one of Ibiza's most famous day parties.

When I arrived at the opening party for myself, I realised just how much effort is put into making your rave day the best of the best.

Having previously visited ANTS in 2018, I fully believed I was wise to what this party would bring. To say I was wrong is an understatement.

Back with a new theme ANTS Metropolis, the party was visually nothing like last year's. Check this out.

Transformed into a mega-city, the beach club's stage housed mountainous skyscrapers and industrial style decor. It was bigger and better than ever before.

Groove Armada's DJ set was the perfect warm-up for what was about to come. Keeping it cool with house and techno tunes, the electronic duo dominated the back end of the club before closing their set with iconic party banger Show Me Love by Robin S.

It was then down to Davide Squillace to open the main stage and what a spectacular job he did. His choice of bass-heavy tech house sent me and the crowd wild.

A trend of fist pumping and bass-face pulling made its way through the audience like a rash. It was truly going off.

Like a true professional, Squillace stayed focused. Rarely peeling his eyes from the decks, he kept the crowd dancing one banger at a time. Rebuke - Jump Ship, a tune I've heard a lot of throughout the opening parties, was one of Squillace's choices.

By 20:15 it was ANTS regular Nic Fanciulli's turn to mix it up. The UK DJ and producer certainly didn't disappoint.

Providing a steady mix of techno and tech-house tunes, Fanciulli met everyone's needs. His prominent EP Star sent me back to last summer in an emotional and doting moment.

The season has truly begun.

A euphoric yet hefty track, I Can't Get You by Alex Kennon closed Fanculli's tremendous set before the handover to veteran Andrea Olivia.

The ANTS man himself wasn't shy with his opening track, an absolute belter called When The Lights Are Out by Maceo Plex. For me, the rapturous tune was definitive in kick-starting summer.

His further tracks were no different. Let Me Tell You by ANOTR loosened me up. It wasn't long before my two-step turned into a full body-pop.

By the end, I was already excited for next week and Andrea Olivia showed no signs of slowing down.

In an emotional rollercoaster, the DJ blared old and new tracks before finishing off the set with Neutron Dance by Krystal Klear. What a night to remember.

To bag your own ANTS tickets and find out more info, keep up to date with our party calendar below.

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