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OpenLab makes a return to our airwaves

Welcome back.

The beloved radio station OpenLab has made a welcome return to the island starting 1 May 2019. It comes after taking some time off to reflect and figure out the future of the station following the death of its founder Robert Miles two years ago.

Renowned DJ and producer Miles, who was best known for his club classic Children, founded the station in 2013. Sadly, it went offline in 2017 following his death. Two years on and OpenLab is back open for business and we couldn't be happier.

Back in the day, the station was a pioneer for independent music from like-minded artists and labels. It savoured a forward-thinking attitude that supported fresh creatives in the electronic music industry. The team hopes to recapture the same essence that Miles curated.

This time, the likes of DJ Seinfeld, B-Traits and Fink will all take on regular shows. Independent labels such as Ninja Tune, BBE and Stones Throw will also occupy some slots to give grassroots talent a chance to shine.

The station promises a soundtrack for every mood by selecting genres depending on the time of day. It will take listeners on a 24-hour sunrise to sunset journey, with the help of a carefully curated programme of shows.

Expect to hear indie electronica in the mornings and chill-tech at sunset, before moving into deeper electronic and experimental sounds throughout the night. Then some ambient and healing frequencies will gently wake up us by dawn.

Along with the station, OpenLab is launching a number of other projects including a live recording studio in Barcelona, with a second in the pipeline for Ibiza. The studios aim to give new artists the platform to make their music.

OpenLab currently relies on donations to keep the station running so fans are enouraged to support the mission. We don't want to lose it again, so you know what to do.

Keen listeners can access the station on 106.4FM in Ibiza and Formentera and globally online at Robert Miles, forever in our hearts.

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