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Paddling on two feet in an Ibiza paradise

SUP Paradise makes Stand Up Paddle boarding easy.

For those that are still to try Stand Up Paddling and are intrigued to find out how it all works, it's a good idea to get help from those who know how. Whilst not high in the difficulty stakes, trips like the ones SUP Paradise Ibiza offers are ideal to get initiated in the art of the Stand Up Paddle (SUP).

Not only do you get instruction in how to do this intriguing sport, you get to see one of the most beautiful sights of Ibiza, that of its coast. Gliding along on a SUP on the transparent waters of the Balearic sea and seeing shorelines and beaches is one of the most elegant ways of sightseeing. You are also in for a full body workout too. We went along to try it out.

On a hot September afternoon, I took to the water excited and slightly apprehensive about if this was something I would like, knowing so little about it. The water was calm and glistened invitingly, what could go wrong?

Into the mix

Me getting ready to get up and start my paddle fun

Ruben, who runs the tours greeted, me at the meet point and I hopped aboard the tour boat to meet my fellow paddlers. Perhaps, to allay any nerves, we were given a complimentary cocktail, ideal for getting to know one another.

We left San Antonio's harbour, ready to take part in our three-hour adventure. We were a mix of nationalities, Dutch, American, Italian and English all chatting excitedly away and encouraging each other. By the time we arrived at our stop, near Cala Salada, we were more than ready to jump in.

Getting onto the boards and getting started is easy. Ruben instructs you on each step, giving tips as you go along, such as not looking down so you keep your balance and bending the knees for moving flexibly.


All fall down becomes a thing of the past

We journeyed past some incredible rocks and sights as we paddled to Cala Salada and around. Suddenly, and fittingly you notice that you are in some kind of beautiful paradise. The view is truly breathtaking, so much so a photo isn't needed: it will be unforgettable when you see it up close like this.

Ruben was getting a few cheeky camera shots of people toppling into the water. This is normal on your first voyage on a SUP and nothing to worry about. Just make sure you follow the instructions. You can kneel on the board, though you won't get much out of that way. I suggest kneeling only if you get a bit tired. After a short while, everyone in the group mastered the boards, allowing for a photo of the new “professionals”.


A litte rest

After our success, it was time for a quick rest and some drinks on the boat. Then, we had either a half hour to snorkel to see some underwater life or we had the option of swimming to pretty Cala Salada. It really is pretty here and you will love being able to see this gorgeous place this way, from the colour of the water, to the sandstone of the rocks, to the greenery to the soft golden sands of the beach itself. Seeing is really believing when it comes to this place.

As the excursion came to an end, we all finished on a high note with the soundtrack of Madonna's Holiday in the background. Fresh pineapple was served as a refresher and we sat and reflected on our fantastic trip on the water.

An experience down under to see the marine life

SUP Paradise does make it really easy to get into the SUP and makes it an unforgettable experience. If you do need your memory jogging, then check out Ruben's shots which he uploads to the company Facebook page on the same day as your trip.

Doing this is a real holiday highlight, so on your next trip make sure to reserve a spot with SUP Paradise, it really deserves to on your Ibiza holiday bucket list - it'll be one of the best things you do from it too!

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