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My favourite Ibiza beach: Hardwell

The multi-awarded superstar DJ shares the details of his favourite beach on Ibiza

What is your favourite Ibiza beach?

"I'm not really a beach person but Es Cavallet is one I love to visit."

What makes it your favourite beach?

"You can find great food there, and I love the overall atmosphere of the place. There's a peaceful vibe to this area which is why it is such a great place to detune."

What was your best moment there?

"The simple moments in life: swimming out with my friends whilst the sun is setting and just having a great time. Life on the road can get a little wild so the joy of tuning out and enjoying the moment is always something I treasure, and this beach is a great spot for that."

What's your top tip of what to do there?

"I love to go out on a boat and swim and snorkel from there then have lunch at El Chiringuito at Es Cavallet, even though for the sunset I like to go to the other side of the island. Cafe Mambo is a great place to watch sunset and hear big name DJs play different sets in a unique setting. Both are great places to visit for those looking for memorable Ibiza experiences."

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