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Morning yoga in a gorgeous Ibiza setting

Sunset bar and restaurant Kumharas is also the perfect morning venue for taking care of body and mind next to the sea.

If you need to atone for any sins from Ibiza's wild nightlife or just renew your energy, morning yoga sessions at Kumharas are just the ticket. We visited this San Antonio Bay boho restaurant that's right in front of the sea for some early morning rejuvenation.

Ibiza is famous for being the party capital of the world. It's a very special place which everyone who has visited would agree. It's also has another more spiritual and magical side with lots of alternative lifestyle things to do, yoga being a big thing part of that here.

The practice is perfect for helping you connect with island's spirit. Plus saluting the sun whilst breathing in the fresh sea air and sweet sounds of the ocean is a great way to enjoy a blissful morning.


Building the core at Kumharas

As a yoga virgin, I was excited to see why it has become such a popular activity and if it was as relaxing and cleansing as people say. Having heard lots about the spectacular scenic location of Kumharas, I was excited to experience my first session of yoga in such a beautiful place.

Our yoga teacher, Neliah instantly made us feel calm, welcoming us with a long warm hug and infectious smile. Melodic instrumental music and the sharp, lingering sweetness of incense created an idyllic hippy atmosphere as we sat on our mats ready to begin.

The class is given in English and Spanish and easy to follow even for a beginner like me. It was nice to unwind and Neliah's soothing voice made it easy to shut my eyes and forget everything. Her demeanour and instruction helps you fall as if into a dream and really feel like you are a part of nature, connecting with the roots of the Island. I've never felt so relaxed.


Instructor Neliah instantly makes all feel calm

As the class was coming to an end, as if by magic, the waves of the ocean started to crash. It was a very special moment, almost as if we had created some strong energy that has made it happen. It felt like a very spiritual moment and really beautiful.

After the class, we had time to chat with Neliah who is now on her fourth summer teaching yoga at Kumharas. She explained that it had always been her dream to teach yoga by the sea, seeing that it would be a special experience for people to take part in. It's true to say that it did feel exceptionally special taking part in this class.

From Monday to Friday until the end of September, you are invited to one of the most exotic environments on the island. The class is very reasonably-priced and very easy to go along and slip into.

breakfast and Finding a Zen moment

After the class you can stay and have breakfast, since Kumharas offers healthy options including smoothies, yoghurts, different cereals and much more. I opted for a refreshing kale smoothie. My colleague, who is vegan, wanted something a little more filling and so went for a delicious plate of homemade falafel. A great, tasty treat.

Kumharas is the perfect combination of sea and sun. Even if you're not an experienced yogi like me, the friendly Neliah can assist you with your poses if you are unsure and transport you to a bit of inner peace.

If you feel like finding some Zen in a stunning setting, yoga mornings at Kumharas are the ideal way to bring you back to balance. See you on a mat soon.

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