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What's VIBRA! at Amnesia all about

Amnesia's new party VIBRA! brings in a whole new style of partying.

Wednesday nights welcome brand-new party VIBRA! to the super-club by San Rafael. After witnessing the chaos and mindblowing production at the opening, I can easily say Wednesday nights will never be the same again.

The opening party certainly didn't disappoint with a radical Latino line-up attracting a massive crowd at Amnesia. So what's it all about?

The Terrace is transformed into a circus of Latino house beats. If you fancy something a little different and are after some frivolous fun, you are in for a treat as this party is full of surprises.

And for those who love their dance music and ice cannons, the Club room is the place to be with the Espuma Bubbles & Foam Party going on at the same time.

Still in need for more VIBRA! gossip? Here's why you should check it out for yourselves.


VIBRA! has pulled it out the bag bringing some of the world's biggest names in latino music to Amnesia. This genre adds a Latin twist to the global dance-pop sound and some of the industry's top DJ's filled the terrace with upbeat latino gems all night.

Upon entering the VIBRA! mania it was clear that the enormous crowd had already been warmed up by the likes of electronic DJ Chicco Secci and Latino superstar Nicola Zucchi. There was no stopping this crowd as not one beat could keep your feet on the ground.

International clubbing sensation DJ Carnage featured in the spectacular line up and smashed his debut at Amnesia with big tunes such as Mark Knight and Shovell's catchy banger “Selecao”. This tune went off.

As the night got louder VIBRA welcomed special guest and global star Danny Ocean to the stage. The Venezuelan singer kicked off his live performance with his iconic hit Me rehúso and VIBRA! just kept surprising us with more and more groovy tunes getting our hips shaking and bums moving.

The sounds are like nothing you'd have heard before in a club, but with the epic Amnesia as the latino throne, Gianluca Vacchi took his crown and really put on a showstopping finale set.

The global entertainer continues to live life to the fullest as his energy throughout his set was electrifying and highly encouraging. His infectious vibes blended with his lifting choice of Latino bangers. This track really got everyone clapping and one of the wildest of the night.


Where do I begin? Expect the unexpected. Stunning tall drag queens in the most outrageous bright red, pink and blonde curly wigs owned the stage, dotted around the DJ booth striking fierce poses to every beat.

The VIBRA! production is loud and vibrant with bright pop art-themed animations flashing behind the decks on the terrace.

Trapeze acts balance above our heads and arcobacters clamber on top of one another. All eyes are up as clowns hang from the ceiling from sheets of material sliding and bouncing up and down to the tunes. It's all going on!

Wacky performers stand on podiums with bubble blowers as big as the Ibiza Egg. Be showered in a downpour of bubbles and pop them with your dancing hands as the tunes keep coming. So much fun.

A huge podium in the middle of the crowd saw a giant clear bubble imprisoning a glitzy contortionist. She twists her body in a pool of confetti hearing plenty of wows from the crowd.

In the Club room, the balcony is taken over by hundreds of performers standing overlooking the crowd moving in unison with their robotic dance moves. The queen of crazy has hold of one of the ginormous cannons ready to explode foam over the party-goers below. It's pure carnage and we love it!


The good vibes of an event is the most essential element to party success. The latino legends and playful productions are all in action to ensure that the party is popping and everybody is having an epic time. VIBRA! does just that and more.

The mixture of upbeat, soul-lifting tunes from DJ's and the wild production create a thrilling and highly enthusiastic atmosphere.

The great thing about the Espuma Bubbles & Foam Party is that everybody in attendance is there to let loose, go crazy and have a bit of fun. Nobody cares where you are from or what you are wearing. Turn up in flip-flops and get drenched together. In Ibiza, we live for the moment so get that chip off your shoulder and let your hair down for VIBRA!

I promise this will be your guilty pleasure of the season for sure. See you deep in the foam.

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