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Solomun and DJ Tennis deliver opening party treat

The King of Sundays is back at the reimagined Pacha Ibiza.

After a manic few weeks of opening party delights, Solomun and his +1 officially smashed open Sundays on Ibiza at Pacha this weekend.

The Diynamic boss has now entered his sixth consecutive season at the head of his party concept, which sees another superstar DJ join him under the cherries to play a much longer set than what most club nights offer on the island.

Much has been reported about the Pacha refurb and the permanent move of the booth, but this was nothing new for Solomun. He has preferred this set-up at the centre of the dance floor from the start. In this respect, nothing seemed to have changed – and that was perfect.

This week it was Life and Death label master DJ Tennis who joined the big man for what was set to be an exceptional Sunday in Ibiza Town.

I made sure to get there early so I could see all that the Italian could offer. And it seemed like many others had the same idea. The place was filling quickly, and DJ Tennis looked assured from behind the booth.

Ruede Hagelstein's Minus characterised the mood early on. Solomun's guest was putting his two-and-a-half-hour slot to use.

DJ Tennis's own recent remix of Amityville by Kiwi cut through the dancefloor as the tempo and anticipation heightened. The night began to come together. A packed out Pacha was rocking.

Shortly before Solomun took over, Tennis started serving out the big bombs. Dirt Crew's Solid Diamond remix of Soul Sounds by Sasse set the stage for the main man's arrival, but this was no warm-up set from the Italian. He announced himself from the first track and asserted himself with the last.

And now it was Solomun's turn. As always, the Bosnian-born German house heavyweight looked almighty from behind the decks. His power was asserted early on with not just the music, but also the production. Lights by Catalynx enchanted the dancefloor. There were more spells to come.

The Diynamic chief moved from deep house to piercing electro to thumping techno in what seemed like a matter of moments. It was full of groove, full of enthusiasm and full of energy. Each song felt redefined and remastered. This was Solomun was leaving a mark on his opening night.

As the night moved towards the end, the dynamism continued to swell. Tomash Kofa's Fzv came out of nowhere and shattered the booth. It was an excellent selection which gave the crowd a much-needed second wind. This was no place for tired legs.

The back-to-back that followed was a welcomed coming together. DJ Tennis influence was apparent throughout and the chemistry these two showed was infectious. There were smiles, hugs and many hands in the air.

It was a classic Solomun +1 show. The concept puts the music first and it's not hard to see why it's one of the most popular nights on the island. Loyal subjects turned out to see the King of Sundays in action on this night – and will do so for the rest of the season.

There are plenty of Solomun Sundays to come. Check below for the full listings.

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