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Help protect the seas of Ibiza!

Sign Aliança Mar Blava’s petition before 3 July 2018 and help stop the acoustic soundings' project, opening the door to oil prospections. 

We are calling on all our readers to help protect the seas of Ibiza and Formentera and stop the proposed MEDSALT-2 acoustic sounding project, seriously harmful to marine life, especially whales, dolphins and fish stocks.

Aliança Mar Blava, the organisation that works to protect the Balearic sea has also presented evidence that the project will open the back door to future oil prospections.

You can help by signing its petition before 3 July 2018 - a full step-by-step process is below.

Background to the project

The MEDSALT-2 (Uncovering the Mediterranean Salt Giant) project aims to use high-pressure compressed air guns, creating dangerous noise levels that will have fatal consequences for marine life.

It has been claimed that the project is aimed only at acquiring geophysical data to uncover how how the upper Miocene salt layer in the Mediterranean basin was formed; however, Aliança Mar Blava reveals that it will also provide information to private enterprises that include oil and gas companies, leading to the belief that the project will allow for future oil exploration.

What is affected

Damage would centre on the Balearic sea area between the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca and the southeast of Ibiza and Formentera.

A big range of marine life would suffer as a result of the acoustic soundings: these include sperm and beaked whales, dolphins, turtles, birds and fish that is caught commercially.

What you can do

In Ibiza or Formentera between now and 3 July?

Sign the Aliança Mar Blava petition at one of several places. All the documentation will be available, all you need do is take your passport or NIE/DNI documents with you.

  • Ibiza Town from 09:00 to 14:00 at Aliança Mar Blava headquarters (see address under “Not in Ibiza?”

  • San Antonio at the main tourist office and the restaurants Villa Manchega and Zebra Bar & Grill. See page three of this document (in Spanish) for more petition signing places.

  • Markets across the island: Las Dalias, Sant Jordi, San Antonio, San Juan and Forada (see page four in the above document link).

  • Formentera at the town hall during morning and afternoon hours in San Francisco.

Not in Ibiza or Formentera?

Print and fill out two copies of the Spanish (Castellano) “modelo" document on this page in legible writing with your passport (NIE or DNI number for Spain) and please remember to sign. Note: there are English and German versions, though please do not fill these out as they will not be accepted by the Spanish Government.

Send by registered post before 3 July 2018 to: Alianza Mar Blava, Carrer Historiador José Clapés, 4. Ibiza, Spain.

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Thank you to all who help in whatever way to keep Ibiza and Formentera special for future generations, we salute you!

Article updated with new petition signing date on 05.06.18

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