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Sankeys confirms new IDOL party for Tuesdays

Strong line-ups and immersive performances with Timo Maas at the helm take over Tuesdays at Sankeys.

Sankeys has a completely new look on Tuesdays. Fronted by Timo Maas, brand new party IDOL promises to take attendees on a journey to a different dimension. Get in.

Running from 3 July to 28 August, each week the line-up will be painstakingly crafted by Timo himself. We can expect some very special guests to join him.

Aesthetically, there will be a huge emphasis on production. Envision futuristic décor and trippy visuals. The centre-piece will be a giant majestic statue, developing the theme of worship and immortalisation.

In the past we idolised gods. By the end of the 20th century, we replaced gods with movie stars, pro-athletes and musicians, as well as DJs today.

We love DJs. We want to be friends with DJs. Some even aspire to be DJs. When we visit a party we all face the DJs and hang off their every move. The tracks they play, the tracks they produce, the way that they mix - this is the cult of the superstar DJ.

While we don't know which DJs will be playing at IDOL just yet, Timo Maas will be at the helm. Known for his engaging sets, he will also be bringing in exciting and acclaimed international guests.

Many of us have been eager for more Sankeys news. With Tuesdays confirmed, it appears that the season is on the way to be shaping up nicely. Stay tuned to see what else the Playa d'En Bossa venue has planned.

Early bird tickets on sale below.

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