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Activity Board: horse riding in the Ibiza countryside

Venture into the Ibizan countryside and ride through on a faithful horse companion


Horse riding is a timely method of transport for Ibiza exploration, one that everyone can enjoy regardless of age. It's an experience that gets you back in touch with nature, trekking across the countryside and appreciating the wonderful landscape. All of this done whilst riding on a magnificent steed.

Horses are spirited creatures, who enjoy the fresh air as much as their passengers. A day's trekking with these lovely animals will give you memories that last a lifetime.

A horse riding experience full of smiles


Once you mount your horse and set off into the wilderness you will experience the reason why horse riding is soulfully fulfilling. Seeing a more wild Ibiza from a horse is a breathtaking sight too. From rolling green mountains to perfect sunsets, all of this lush scenery can be taken in whilst cantering along a cross-country path.

The benefits of riding a horse are many, with a lot of focus on wellbeing. It works the muscles and, it is said, stimulates internal organs. It also helps develop balance and coordination and doing it will burn many calories.

Cross-country horse riding is an activity which can be experienced by beginners and advanced riders. Here on Ibiza, you will find that the organised trips offer guides and instructors to assist you with keeping your horse on the right path. The horses themselves are sometimes rescued by the stables that do the trips and going on a trek supports their care and well being.

Trekking into the beautiful Ibizan countryside with lush landscape views


The best way to see the Ibiza countryside by horse is to arrange a trek with one of the island's established stables. These countryside establishments will be able to provide everything needed for the trip, from riding gear to insurance. They make your safety a priority, so you know that you can enjoy the day out.

Most companies offer a full day's ride which is about eight hours. These expeditions usually take you across the mountainous north of Ibiza and by some spectacular beach coves as well. If you fancy a shorter excursion, morning and afternoon trips are usually four to five hours.

The stables will be equipped to handle both small and bigger groups, though do let them know how many are in your party beforehand. Some organisations offer an opportunity to camp out as a part of their package and cater to a more custom trip if you wish to fully immerse yourself in Ibizan nature.

Your friend and companion for an Ibiza adventure


You can do cross-country horse riding all the year around on Ibiza. Each season has its pros and cons. For full day trips, however, we would recommend going in spring, as those summer months can be a scorcher. Half-day trips are best in the morning or evening in summer when the weather is significantly cooler.

During winter there is more flexibility on the time you can go. Some of the trek's activities, however, like swimming with the horses from the beach will not be available at this time as the water will be freezing for both you and the horse!

At all times of the year, we recommend you wear appropriate outdoor clothing such as long trousers and sports shoes to make your trekking experience as enjoyable as possible.

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