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11 of the best Instagram hot spots in Ibiza

We travel around Ibiza to find the best locations to get your Instagram snaps.

With the summer season in full swing, we have pulled together some of the most iconic and interesting Instagram hot spots to give you some inspiration when you want to snap some cool island locations. Ibiza is a beautiful place to visit, an island steeped in lush landscapes, pretty beaches and mysterious monuments that will give your followers a real visual treat.

'Ibiza Henge'

Continuing with another spiritual and magical Ibiza spot, the next place on our list is Ibiza's very own modern Stonehenge, aptly nicknamed Ibiza Henge. Located near to Cala Llentia, the basalt monument consists of a semicircle of 10-metre stone columns. En route, you pass through an ancient door frame placed there by the artist who designed it. This amazing piece of art is a must-see for any keen Instagrammer.

Cala Tarida

The longest and widest beach on Ibiza, Cala Tarida is also among the nicest. With a combination of fine white sand and beautiful turquoise waters, it's a popular beach for everyone and there are plenty of chances to grab some snaps there whilst having fun in the sun. As an extra photographic treat, search for the secret Cala Tarida coves.

Dalt Vila

Looming above Ibiza Town is one of the island's most iconic landmarks, Dalt Vila, which offers many fantastic places to take some snaps. From its narrow cobbled streets to the majestic views from the high walls, it's a photographer's dream. Surrounded by Renaissance walls, topped with a Cathedral and even featuring parts of an old Moorish wall, there's no wonder it's a favourite for tourists.

Es Vedra

The magnificent and mysterious isle of Es Vedra is one of the most famous Ibiza landmarks. A massive limestone island in the beautiful Balearic sea, it stands majestically off the west coast. Those who visit say they feel a peaceful aura from the place. Along with gorgeous golden sunsets that add a warm backdrop, this location provides a perfect scene for any Instagram photograph.

Festival Club

The abandoned space of the derelict Festival Club in the hills near San Agustín is a hotspot for urban explorers. Over time graffiti writers and nature have done their work to the crumbling amphitheatre. Looking like a scene from a dystopian movie, the grounds are perfect for exploring Instagrammers. From the sprawling wall art to the spectacular views of the mountains, there's plenty to frame and photograph.


Ibiza's sister island Formentera should be on every Ibiza holiday bucket list. On the island there is so much to visit, most tourists will take out a scooter or bicycle to get around it. The island features many beautiful beaches, sprawling salt flats and pretty villages that all scream to be snapped.

Las Dalias Market

The essence of hippy culture is embodied by Las Dalias market in San Carlos. This cool and hip bazaar of wonderful trinkets is an ideal place to photo the wonderful items on sale. Share images of the hand-crafted art, clothing, jewellery or musical entertainment.

Sa Caleta

On the southern coast of Ibiza are the lovely shores of Sa Caleta. This isolated cove is an ideal spot for quiet days at the beach. The extremely clear waters make it a brilliant spot for a bit of snorkelling too. Lined with rustic fishermen's sheds and a ruin of a Phoenician settlement nearby, this location makes for some interesting Instagram subject matter.

Sa Talaia

When searching for that perfect landscape photograph, then look no further than Ibiza's highest point, Sa Talaia near San José. From here you can witness stunning views of the entire island, Formentera and the Las Salinas salt pans. The best time to go is just before the golden hour to witness the incredible warm sunsets cast over the entire island.

San Antonio's Sunset Strip

Just past the port of San Antonio, you will find one of the most spectacular vantage points of San Antonio Bay, the Sunset Strip of the Balearics. Here, you will find renowned bars such as Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo from where you can sip cocktails and gaze out to sea. It becomes an epicentre of the town at dusk when people gather to see a big setting sun.

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