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Secret nights of Ibiza tales

We travel to San Lorenzo for an intimate theatre performance by Tanit's Finca from Secret Gigs Ibiza.

When invited to a secret event, your interest is most likely to be piqued. When that's a play about people pursuing an ideal of living a Bohemian life on Ibiza, it sounds like it could be great fun.

Is was to be in the beautiful surroundings of Atzaro, the finca-style agroturismo that holds many events in its country location near San Lorenzo. Taking up residence for the evening was the performing arts company, Secret Gigs Ibiza.

Secret Gigs Ibiza started as an intimate, at-home affair. Since then, these mysterious nights, held in several unique and secret locations around the island have attracted many followers.

Now in association with World Unplugged, it is presenting a series of performing-arts events with a mix of theatre and acoustic music sessions, using both internationally known and local talent.

There are six more events planned for 2018; the next one takes place on 13 April in Sant Agnes. The best way to be in the know is to join the growing community online, which you can find here.

Before the play began the guests were warming themselves next to a log fire, enjoying a glass of vino in hand. With the waiting people lit up by the flicker of the fire, the ambience took on a mystical feel. The day of this performance being Valentine's Day, many couples had come along. Watching them chatting happily added to the warm feeling of the occasion.

Just as I was chatting to the organisers, Tanit the goddess of Ibiza herself showed up. A giant model of the deity walked around the courtyard to get us in the mood for the show, attracting intrigue, excitement and lots of photo taking.

Soon it was time to sit down for the play itself, Tanit's Finca about a couple called Felix and Agatha played by Justin Manville and Alex Gray. The story tells of a middle-class couple moving to the island from London looking to get into its hippy lifestyle, for which it is so famous.

We see how Felix, once on Ibiza, locating his spiritual side quickly whilst Agatha finds it hard to adjust to life here. This puts pressure on his relationship with Agatha who doesn't like island life; this is the opposite of her husband, who like many that go to live on Ibiza, quickly embraces it and its customs.

The couple express these two juxtaposed themes with much witty dialogue, offering a funny take on married couples and the trials and tribulations they face within a relationship on the way.

Continuing through the scenes we saw more characters introduced. A narrator and marriage counsellor played by Ben Dunwell was very humorous at times by saying very little. His facial expressions during the counselling scene were enough to make everyone laugh out loud.

Later we were introduced to Tiff and Lexi, two new-age hippies and a brilliant insight into islander types; many of those watching were evidently, really loving the jokes in this comedic observation of Ibiza.

During some scenes we get to see Justin's guitar skills, where he does a bold riff during an emotionally-charged scene as Agatha releases some angst. A particularly impressive combination of music and dialogue, allowing the audience to empathise with Agatha's feelings. This would be swiftly followed by the play's sharp satirical dialogue leaving everyone laughing heartedly.

Thanks to much laughter during the play, the actors were unsurprisingly met with a rapturous applause. You could clearly see that everyone had enjoyed what was a wonderful evening.

All in all a great way to get some cool alternative culture in a relaxed, chilled and very comfortable way. Everyone welcomed you, both the people involved and the guests that go along.

Keep a watchful eye for the next Secret Ibiza gig, coming to an undisclosed location near you.

Photography | Michael Tomlinson & Rosa De Los Vientos

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