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Ibiza Carnival 2018 in pictures

We captured some of the best moments of Ibiza Town’s parade

With the 2018 Ibiza Carnival now at an end, we give you this pictorial retrospective of the biggest parade of them all: here for your enjoyment is Ibiza Town's big party day.

Each town across the island holds its own parade with prizes for the best entry over multiple categories.

Around 1500 people participated in the Ibiza parade this year on one of the hottest days of the year so far. A cast of characters from film and popular culture came out to play.

A special prize went to the Ibiza Football Dance Team, from the Passion Dance dance school, for best participation. Another extra prize, for best choreography, was awarded to the Olivera school for its amazing Transformer display - a real highlight.

The streets around Ibiza's port were full of people waving and cheering as they watched one of the best extravaganza's in town sail merrily past.

Flags out for the Dominican Republic with this display of pageantry

Buzz Lightyear needs to find his way back to Toy Story

The Ibiza Football Dance Team hunker down to do some synchronised squats

You can't fool me: one of the Transformers that won the ‘schools' section of the competition

A swirling display from one of the many local dance schools taking part

International residents of Ibiza with their simulated roller coaster: a winner in our eyes for sheer amusement

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson

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