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elrow line-up and theme for closing party released

elrow is bringing some of their closest friends to close out another successful season here on Ibiza.

After a dazzlingly successful season on the White Isle, elrow, the award-winning experiential event concept, will be coming to a close on Saturday 30 September. Since opening in June, the confetti swirling, floatie spectacular has had a stellar season packing the Amnesia walls and transforming the iconic Ibiza venue into a new parallel universe every Saturday night. Now, elrow is looking to officially wrap up and conclude their season with a massive cannonball sized bang.

A sensational and theatrical finale is only fitting for the closing party of one the most popular parties on the island. elrow is pulling out all the stops to make sure that they go all the way until the end.

Ensuring that the season concludes in style, the party has announced a mammoth sized line-up of elrow fan favourites including the ever eccentric Seth Troxler and always smashing Eats Everything, in addition to Marc Maya, Toni Varga and Bastian Bux.

However, this is only half of the big news to come from elrow's closing party announcement. The other half is that elrow will be debuting a brand new Enchanted Forest theme for this special night.

When walking through the Amnesia entrance, expect to enter the portal to a magical woodland realm straight from the fantasy world of your childhood imagination. Pixies will fly around enormous flowers while elves dance in and around throughout the floor. Herds of unicorns will roam the terrace tree spirits while butterflies flutter about around larger than life-sized mushrooms.

elrow has undoubtedly established themselves as one of the White Isle's most dynamic and vivacious parties so it is only fitting that the closing be filled with such magic and mysticism.

Like all the elrow parties, this one is expected to sell out so make sure to grab your tickets now while you still can so you do not miss out on this monumental finale.

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