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Cocoon drops closing party line-up 2017

Papa Sven gathers his techno heavyweights for the final Cocoon blowout.

Techno fanatics who fail to attend the Cocoon closing are well aware that they'll struggle to find a substitute, and now that the line-up is finally in, you'll be clambering over each other to get those tickets bought.

In for the last Cocoon bash of the summer we will see ringleader, Sven Väth, joined by a crew of guests who are no strangers to the Cocoon arena. Crowds in the Main Room will be dealt an onslaught of muscle-pounders from season 2017 regulars Ilario Alicante and Adam Beyer, and Dana Ruh will return for a third round. Over on the Terrace, the forces at play will be Papa Sven, DJ Koze and a live showdown from Henrik Schwarz.

You know what to do now, right? Book those plane seats and get those Cocoon tickets in the bag. And don't forget your stamina...this beast goes in hard.

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