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Top new tracks August 2017

From groovy minimal to party techno, August has been a great month for new releases.

Nacim Ladj / Rougarou / Macrolab / 30 August

With a fierce driving bassline, and percussive melody that slowly trickles in, there's no place like home for this track, other than 7:00 in the morning on the dancefloor. The entire track carries a psychedelic pulse, layered with orbital chimes, fuzzy synths and a steady beat at 125 BPM. The Algerian-born producer creates a melodic jewel.

Wareika / Highlife (Cristi Cons Remix) / Flying Circus Productions / 25 August

Wareika is formed by Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher and Henrik Raabe, who prove to be an ingenious trio. With the remix by Romanian DJ and producer Cristi Cons, the four together have the vision and ears to clearly create musically sound pieces. Highlife is a track which gives a lot to a listener with its intricate noises that warp in and out. It's the trinkles and squelches that keep the track interesting. Accompaniyng this live percussion is a soft, yet consistent kick drum, and midway through listeners are surprised with a spacey guitar riffs. Details like these are what encapsulates what Wareika are all about.

Hi & Saberhägen / Acid Finger / Lo Recordings / 4 August

Acid Finger stands out amongst the other four tracks in this EP. Filled with shrilling synths and precise melodic movements, the Scottish duo make their talent seem effortless. Although the track is delicate, its subtle acid twangs and slow-building crescendo completely fill the listener with a form of deep emotion. As the track builds the percussion becomes entropic, soon back to regularity. This musical style is what is unique about Hi & Saberhägen's production as they display how unpredictable climates of electronic music can be.

Bicep / Glue / Ninja Tune / 4 August

Adding to their joyous brand of house music, the duo release a track we as music lovers can all connect to. Released in the earlier part of August, it has set excitement amongst Bicep fans, who eagerly wait for their debut album to be released 1 September. Glue carries an alternative breakbeat rhythm and is carefully layered with soft, separated synths creating a melody. Midway through a deep sentimental vocal loop is pronounced. The track seems perfect for a sunset, and even a 6:00 am dancefloor sunrise moment.

Amelie Lens / Silence / Drumcode / 28 August

Storming through metropolis of techno, Amelie Lens has set the tone for energetic party techno with this shiner of a track. With a consistent squelchy acid bassline, entwined with a hazy female vocal, two thirds of the way through the track gets serious, with a more prominent bassline and a continuous chug. As part of Drumcode's 6th installment of the internationally celebrated A-Sides series, Silence goes alongside an impressive collective of techno sounds.

Chekov / Rotlicht / Peach Discs / 23 August

Welcoming a new label with just three releases under their belt, Peach Discs score again with this Rotlicht EP. Leeds-based producer Chekov leans towards to more dub side of techno, which keeps a groove going with the track. The dubby bassline and and chugging percussion glide each drop through slowly, giving it an intergalactic style.

Red Axes / Shir 1 / Garzen Records / 11 August

For those who are familiar with the Isralean duo's style, in their creations the musically gifted pair combine instrumentation and synthesisers, a perfect alliance. Shir 1 is the more energetic track on their new album The Beach Goths. It is reminisccent of '80s sounds through funky disco basslines, as well as '90s stylings with Leftield-esque intergerlactic percussion. Bombarded with different layers of sounds, the track allows you to join the cosmic adventure.

Dani Sbert, Alberto Ruiz / Dark Matter / Bully Beats / 24 August

It's all in the name with Dark Matter. The pair have produced a techno track perfect for the dance floor. With a heavy bassline, shimmering hi-hats and a surprising melodic breakdown, it's everything you want in a party banger.

Luna Ludmila / I'm Glad You Were There / Baile Musik Silver Edition / 21 August

This is just just one of the special tracks Baile Musik Silver Edition has within their wraps. I'm Glad You Were There is an intelligently layered track. With a constant baseline accompanied by spiratic percussive sounds, the track gels together perfectly.

Peppou – Mai Mai / Tagged Music / 20 August

Label resident Peppou has brought the right amount of funk to start a party with this one. Mai Mai's tumbling bassline and Balearic percussion make the track a groovy all-rounder. The EP is a collection of deep tech house floor fillers, perfect for the DC10 Terrace.

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