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Sa Punta promo video 2017

Sa Punta fine dining restaurant in Talamanca have just released their first promotional video of summer 2017, directed and produced by Juan Sala and Moonshinemedia.

The video aims to capture the essence of Sa Punta as a truly global dining experience and it has already been viewed over fifty thousand times on social media.

After fourteen seasons, in one of the iconic locations of the island, Sa Punta has evolved in a diversity of ways. It now comprises of three restaurants with completely unique identities, a fashion boutique and a furnishing store. It is also makes an impossibly romantic location for exclusive wedding parties.

The main Sa Punta fine dining restaurant specialises in exquisitely prepared French and Mediterranean dishes.

Ginger offers Asian inspired cuisine, with a choice of dishes from many corners of the Orient.

Patchwork, on the rooftop, is the only Lebanese restaurant in Ibiza. The Eastern and Southern Mediterranean influenced menu offers an enticing selection of aromatic dishes at very reasonable prices.

Kiara, is a hippy chic boutique that sells colourful fashion lines from Paris, Italy, USA and Bali.

Furnishing store, Patchwork Design, captures design elements from the restaurant, plus many of their eastern influences. The store sells a range of artisanal Balinese products but also extends to an off-site interior design service.

Sa Punta has dedicated teams working in each area of the kitchen and on the restaurant floors. Head chef Diego Dechecco has the task of orchestrating his twenty-plus kitchen staff, before having the final say on whether or not every plate is fit to be presented to his customers. Glasses of house wine begin at an affordable €6 but wine aficionados are also free to select from what is possibly the most extensive wine list in Ibiza.

Every design element at Sa Punta is carefully and precisely thought out; from the meticulous decoration, to the custom-made table settings by Gaya ceramics of Italy, and even to the texture of the colourful and imaginative cocktail menus. This attention to detail extends to the video where the framing of every shot has a photographic quality, hinting at Director Juan's true love and vocation as a still-life photographer.

Juan's video opens with a slow groove around the terraces of Sa Punta, emphasizing how beautiful and distinct each part of the restaurant is, before accelerating, after the sun sets, into a frenzy of activity until 2 am, highlighting the care and dedication of the highly motivated crew. Plans are afoot to produce a future series of close-up videos focusing on the love and precision that chef Diego invests in the making of his signature dishes. Here you can see chef Diego working his magic on a beautiful fillet of sea bream.

If you would like to experience, first hand, the finest cuisines of the world, while enjoying one of the most evocative vistas in Ibiza, fill in the reservation form in the Ibiza Spotlight Restaurant guide.


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