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Primal Scream move over to Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Art and music take over San Antonio in the next few weeks.

The day that everyone has been waiting for is upon us, with a slight change. Due to licensing issues, Primal Scream will now play at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, an equally exceptional venue. The show will still commence 29 August at San Antonio's legendary indie outlet.

As a spokesperson from Pikes Hotel put it: "We would very much love to have such an extraordinary gig at Pikes that fits with well-documented music heritage of the hotel but that will only ever happen if we get the legal license and local support to do so." Full details and tickets below.

However, don't leave Pikes in the dust, as something exciting has just started in and around its walls. Portrait photographer Diana Gomez has cut the ribbon for her exhibition starting today 24 August. It will run alongside the venue's DJ residencies, as well as the artist herself performing a live photo shoot 27 August.

The exhibition FREE WOMEN is built up of life-size portraits and outdoor installations celebrating freedom of expression and being comfortable in our own skins. Where better to hold a colourful and passionate exhibition than Pikes, the playground for creatives.

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