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Primal Scream at Ibiza Rocks Hotel - Pikes

At Pikes. A remarkable one-off event this summer 2017.

Six seasons on from finishing off their 2011 tour with a mind-blowing Screamadelica show in Amnesia, Primal Scream were back on the island in 2017 with a special one-off date at San Antonio favourite Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

The Scottish rock'n'roll band returned to the heart of San Antonio at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. While earlier it had been planned for Pikes, due to licensing issues it was moved back to its original location. Regardless you got to witness Primal Scream rock and rave through an eclectic back catalogue that spans three decades.

Following the release of Primal Scream's 11th album in 2016, the band's frontman, Bobby Gillespie, described those 30-odd years as being "one big long art experiment," and we certainly wouldn't mind digging in deep and exploring that experiment in one mesmeric evening.

Venue: Pikes

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