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Il Decanter, an ethos of love and tradition

Il Decanter is a new restaurant bringing a mix of Italian and Japanese cuisine to the centre of Ibiza Town.


Meet the A team

Effervescent owner, Francesco Secci, has chosen a prime location to set up shop - in the old market square, at the foot of the ramp to Dalt Vila. This lovingly restored corner-house looks picture-perfect with its buff walls and white shutters. It is the perfect location to sit on a warm evening and watch the bustling Ibiza night pass you by.

Francesco bubbled with enthusiasm, as he explained his ethos to us. His love for traditional recipes and confidence in his kitchen are infectious. He already owns a restaurant back home in his native Italy but he wanted to rectify what he perceives as the lack of decent Italian cuisine on the island. To this end he has recruited his widely experienced Head Chef Andrea Alimenti to bring his imagination to life.

Locally sourced of course

Central to his plan are locally sourced produce and homemade pastas and bread. Everything is prepared fresh on site and for example Il Decanter's hamburgers are hand minced and presented in homemade oriental-style steamed buns.

As we arrived for lunch, a complimentary appetizer of tomato wrapped in aubergine with olives and burrata sets the tempo for the delights we were about to receive.

The true definition of starters

Francesco was keen to introduce us to his definition of a true pizza, the Trittico. For me, pizza has always been more about the base and the tomato than the cheese and his wafer-thin, crispy offering, with only three different types of tomatoes and simple sage oil drizzle, was phenomenal. We urge all visitors to share one of these while waiting for their starters to arrive.

Next we tried some examples from the sushi bar: Yellowtail sashimi, served with slices of mango and wasabi, and some exquisite spicy tuna California rolls. Both dishes were presented with the rough rustic charm that defines all of the dishes at Il Decanter.

Continuing the seafood theme, we sampled an Italian favourite, Insalata Catalana (Catalan salad – a popular dish in Italy but unheard of here in the Balearics!). This refreshing fruity salad is a sweet and sour combination of grapefruit, avocado, peach, caramelized red onion, iceberg, carrot and lemon juice was topped with a gang of huge scampi. It was absolutely delicious and it would make the perfect lunch, any day of the week.

Hasta la pasta, baby!

Having been sat by the kitchen window and watched many very attractive plates pass us by; the anticipation for the pasta course was rising. When the dishes arrived they didn't disappoint! We were presented two contrasting pasta dishes; the Chef's cappelletti, and tagliolini tinted with squid ink.

The cappelletti, prepared with a creamy sauce made from 24-month Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of crushed pistachios, was smooth and rich with just the right firmness of texture. While the tagliolini was served today resting on a bed of burrata and tomato with anchovy fillets, green and black olives, fresh basil and a drizzle of herb oil - very interesting combination that harmonised perfectly.

Drooling for chocolate

One ingredient guaranteed to establish Il Decanter on the Ibizan culinary map is the panache with which they serve their desserts. Harnessing all the skills with sweets and ice cream that Italian's are world famous for, Il Decanter produce dessert plates that are huge and every one a complex work of art. At the centre of ours was a vanilla ice cream bomba encased in rich chocolate coating and surrounded by delicate chocolate boxes containing ‘cervezamisu' (tiramisu made with beer!), fondants, chocolate nougat, cream, nuts, I could go on. Chocolate lovers please feast your eyes on our photo, as it is impossible to think of enough adjectives to describe every sensation.

Francesco's mission is to educate Ibiza in the magic of the Italian kitchen. He has certainly taken a bold step in opening his new restaurant right in beating heart of Ibiza and throwing the kitchen window open for all to see the team at work. Motivation is high and they have risen to the task by producing first class cuisine. There is much more of interest for us to investigate on the menu at Il Decanter, particularly the gourmet burgers, and we will definitely be going back for another visit very soon.


Quick Facts:

What? Il Decanter

Where? At the bottom of the ramp leading up to the Dalt Vila main gate, in Ibiza Town

When? Every day from from 12.00pm to 3.00am

Why? Excellent Italinan cuisine in an historic and romantic setting

Average spend per head? For 3 courses with wine, expect to pay around €30-40 per person

Veggie Options? Not a huge choice but there are some options.

Disabled Facilites? No.

Top tips? Try the Trittico pizza as a starter to share, absolutely devine.

Room for Improvement? We can't fault anything really.

WORDS | Tim Dacombe


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