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elrow brings the wild wild west to Ibiza Rocks

The team over elrow took over Ibiza Rocks Hotel to turn it into an outrageous western paradise.

There is no shortage of parties here on Ibiza but as you probably already know, not all parties are created equal. You see, on this tiny island there are parties, and then there is elrow. This loud and boisterous circus of an extravaganza is like no other.

The Spanish-based fiesta invades the massive rooms at Amnesia every Saturday night routinely packing the space to sold out crowds. However, taking clubbers to an alternate dimension from dusk till dawn is not all elrow is known for. This past Tuesday saw the brand take over Ibiza Rocks Hotel for its second and last daytime pool party of the season.

There's much to be said about elrow's production, seeing as though they seamlessly transition from theme to theme, week after week. The last elrow pool party was billed as the Sambodromo de Brasil while this week the brand transformed the center of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel into the Far West. Walking through to the basement of the hotel and entering the hotel courtyard you immediately felt like you fell through a black hole into a new western world.

Dancers dressed as little gremlin-like thieves scampered around the grounds, checking your pockets for any goods they could snag and throw into their giant money sacks, jokingly of course. The main area that was the dance floor saw cartoon-like outlaws, gunfighters and cowboys parading through the crowd on stilts.

All the while, tribes of Indians hollered off the balcony in festivity. Guests continued the partying into the pool, which shimmered in the middle of the courtyard like an oasis in the middle of the dry western frontier. Of course, it wouldn't be an elrow party without a boundless amount of inflatables floating in the pools and bounce all over the venue.

Tech-house led the masses, echoing throughout the vicinity from the likes of Denney, Doorly, and elrow favorites De la Swing and wAFF. Back to back sets came often from the DJs as wAFF went head to head with both Denney and De la Swing, playing tracks like Leon and Shaf Huse's Renegade 2017 and Denney and Detlef's re-edit of Denney and Mekon's What's Going On?

It has to be said that you will not ever feel as elated as you do when a seemingly endless stream of confetti overwhelmingly blasts over you while the hard bass line of a banger kicks in. The sets continued with thumping tracks like Leftwing & Kody's remix of Carl Bee's Dirt Fader and KlangKuenstler's upcoming release House Your Body.

What's great about elrow is that it's not meant to be taken seriously and you can tell that everyone from the performers to the attendees genuinely believe in that. Life can be a party if you want it to, so relax, let loose, and enjoy the ride.

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