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Best bits from Creamfields Ibiza 2017

The aftermath of the Cream and Radio 1 takeover of Privilege Ibiza.

Creamfields Ibiza it's the party that has aeroplanes packed full of ravers from around the globe flying over just for the event. This year the fiesta made itself at home in the world's biggest nightclub, Privilege. Much like the nightclub, the night was huge, to say the least. We at Spotlight had the honour both of welcoming the guests and of venturing off for a boogie inside.

Cream is without a doubt one of the most legendary nights on the island, with Creamfields festival still making its mark since 1998. Privilege took the full weight of the annual festival and set the record for yet another incredible Creamfields. On the roster were the likes of Above & Beyond, Steve Aoki, B.Traits, Annie Mac, Kölsch, Goldie, High Contrast and more.

Each spotlight-er has voiced their favourite part of the event. Have a read and let us know what yours was…

First impressions

Taking someone to a nightclub for the first time is always rewarding. Watching a dancer come to Privilege for the first time is something completely special. The outstanding super club could be a maze, providing a musical journey for those who enter its doors. Even those who consider clubbing to be their full-time career find their first Privilege experience unforgettable. To be able to enjoy my night with a first-timer was truly heartwarming.


Knuckled twice over

Your Love by Frankie Knuckles is inimitable, and that fact has never been up for debate. It blew my mind when I first discovered it from my mum's record collection all those years ago and still does. As soon as that staccato beat begins, I'm off on one – and don't return until those seven precious minutes are done.

Not only did I finally get to hear this beauty live at Destino with Pete Tong's Heritage Orchestra gig – phenomenal, may I add - but a few hours later Kölsch would give his remix a run through at Creamfields in the Main Room. Urghhhhh. If I were a producer, I'd be nervous as hell to touch this track, but fair play to the Dane, as he doesn't tamper much with those vital magic ingredients that make this the absolute sex. Floored twice in five hours. Muchas gracias.


The growth of Cream

For the event Cream to develop into a festival in itself is very impressive. To then bring the success of the festival to the island is even more so, especially in Privilege, the biggest club in the world. To see the entire club open always feels incredible. The vast space of the club always amazes me, a feeling intensified on special events like this one.

Each artist was perfectly matched to their environment which made their sets feel much more special. Jamming out to artists such as Yotto in the Coco Loco room, then bouncing around to High Contrast in Vista Club felt absolutely divine.


Above & Beyond

Personally, the highlight of Creamfields was when Above & Beyond took the stage in the Main Room. Few DJs have the kind of cult following that the English trio has, and their fans came out in full force for some much needed Group Therapy of Privilege's massive walls. Arm in arm, Creamfielders swayed and sang the lyrics to the group's popular tracks like Counting Down the Days and their remix of Moby's Porcelain.

Unity and togetherness have always been a huge theme of Above & Beyond's sets and that was unmistakably on display Saturday night. As the vocals to Blue Sky Action resounded throughout the room, attendees extended their arms out high in pure bliss and ecstasy. It was one of those moments where you were reminded of how powerful music can be in bringing people together.


Hidden gems

The admirable part about huge events like these are the crossings of talents amongst musicians. With popular artists such as Annie Mac and Steve Aoki fitting the bill in the main room, it was interesting to see what was going on in the smaller rooms of the mighty Privi land.

Tucked away in the crevices of Privilege, lies the elusive Blue Room. A room that Privilege opens the doors on ultra special nights such as this one. With its long glass walls and collection of luscious long stemmed floor plants sprouting out along the sides of the dance floor, it is similar to a conservatory. There we saw Adam Wilson. The Deep House DJ from Manchester provided a playful track selection, offering the crowd tunes such as the 1995 Acid House track A.S.H.A, J.J. Tribute (Primitive Version) and Joey Beltram's dark and edgy Energy Flash, firing acid sounds to each corner of the intimate room.

Up next was Ben Santiago going b2b Sean Hughes, granting a lengthy three-hour set. A top tune of their set was the house classic, Roy the Boy's French Paradise, a groovy 90s floor-filler as well as the original 1991 release, Brothers In Rhythm, Such A Good Feeling.

The two sets of the evening provided the crowd with plenty of original house tracks, reminding us of the way they have inspired a lot of music produced today. Privilege opened its arms to lesser-known artists, who brought just as much of a party.


Late night bass bangers from darkened dance floors

The best parts of Creamfields for me was from two specific sets later on in the evening. First of all, the UK master of bass rhythms My Nu Leng held down the Vista club with heavy tracks such as Soul Shake. A hard hitting bassline collaboration with UK garage girl Flava D, the bass and wobbles rattled the rooms sound system, making the clubbers furiously skank to the beat.

Secondly, BBC Radio 1 DJ B.Traits kept the Coco Loco crowd entertained with a dark techno set. Tracks played included Look What Your Love Has Done To Me by Perc and a remix of Nekromant by Sebastian Voigt. The dance floor was dimly lit and smoke filled, which only added to the industrial underground atmosphere of B.Traits' set.


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