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Top new tracks July 2017

July arrives at full force with these hard-hitters.

Age Of Love / The Age Of Love (Solomun Renaissance Remix) / Renaissance Records / 21 July

It takes a special kind of producer to remix a belter such as The Age Of Love. Within 14 seconds our ears are already enraptured by a rippling bassline, and the added touch of mesmerising flute samples instantly confirm that Solomun has mastered his own rendition of the fabled track.

Shelter Point / Fuse /Armada / 7 July

The ingenious and yet rare combination of a producer and a singer/songwriter is bound to deliver us with a masterpiece, which is exactly what Robin Hearn and Liam Arnold have mustered up. The eerie electronic structure of the track meets Arnold's emotional vocals, inspired by family trauma and poetry.

Enrico Sangiuliano / Astral Projection / Drumcode / 17 July

Enrico Sangiuliano stamps Astral Projection with the pounding Drumcode (otherwise known as the holy grail of techno) sound. Enriched with twangy trance snippets and intergalactic vocals such as "I know you must follow the sun" - any Adam Beyer set in the last five months has been lost without Astral Projection.

Jhobei / Hoodwink / 15 July / Kanja Records

If we're going to talk about budding producers, it's only right to mention Jhobei. Hoodwink sees a hair-raising contrast between the warmth of swirling synths and the driving force of the drums that's perfect for those early morning sunrises at the after party.

Paul van Dyk & Pierre Pienaar / Stronger Together / Vandit Records / 21 July

The trance dilettante Paul van Dyk brings to you the epitome of Cream Ibiza. Stronger Together's core is spellbindingly uplifting, and with input from Namibian born Pierre Pienaar, the duo have laid down yet another modern trance track. Simply put, it's priceless.

Chaim / The Perfect Circle / Disco Halal / 10 July

Prediction: The Perfect Circle will fit right into the beginning of one of the best deep techno sets you've heard. With a progressive, electronic underlayer, Chaim has perfected the robotic vocals fused with disco tones and snake-charming samples.

Monkia Ross / Ever After (Julian Alexander Remix) / Entity London / 17 July

From the Entity 003 EP, Julian Alexander's remix of Ever After is the cherry on the groove and minimal cake. Ever After brings back the nostalgia of UK garage whilst perfectly fusing a deep tech sound. The raw, looping baseline is complimented by spacious hats, snares and percussion.

HAIM / Something To Tell You / Polydor Records / 7 July

The HAIM chicas have never failed to master an album of the year. Something To Tell you is a sincere, riveting and perfectly executed track. Hard-hitting hats and an echoing, constant guitar riff has us daydreaming in the office, with visualisations of us sprawled out in the sun, on grassy embankments, or even better - having a ball at a British music festival.

The Burrell Connection / Chasing Space/ I Walked By Night / 21 July

Any DJ that has been producing since he was 15 years of age is inevitably going to blow minds. Using twisting samples and raw, energetic rhythms, The Burrell Connection has crafted an intergalactic, big room track that is perfect for the DC10 Terrace. Watch this space.

Milhalis Safras / Raygun Rave / Hot Creations / 21 July

Hot Creations have done it again. The label doesn't just perfect its unique artwork but gives a voice to producers such as Mahalis Safras. With acid house tones and a relentless jackin' baseline, big things are expected for the Material Label owner.

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