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Techno artists to see on Ibiza this week

Techno trumpets will be out in full force.

A sizeable portion of club heads are on this island to grab a fistful of techno dirt, and this week you'll be wishing you were endowed with a grotesque count of hands. Yep, it's guaranteed to get nauseatingly filthy this week – so filthy that you'll be violently scrubbing yourself for days. Undoubtedly, we're exaggerating ever so slightly on the violent scrubbing matter, but we staunchly stand by everything else that's said in the above. Read on to see who's made our filthy, filthy cut.

Monday 17 July / Ben Klock / Circoloco at DC10

If we're smashing into a list of techno titans, we might as well begin with the boss that is Ben Klock. This will be his first high-octane slammer of the season, and DC10's main room is hands down one of the best spots to suffer techno-induced frantic behaviour. Quoted in an interview with Thump, Klock sometimes sees his role as a “shamanism thing to put people in a trance or change directions.” We're more than happy to be lured into a trance with this extoled Berlin bruiser, as with only two more dates in our calendar it's certainly a rare opportunity.

Monday 17 July / Nina Kraviz / Cocoon at Amnesia

Oh Nina, you hypnotic techno goddess. How jubilant we were to see that the трип label chief would be on Cocoon duties across a handful of heated occasions this summer, and tomorrow will be her third deadly teardown. Having devoured her set from last week's Kappa FuturFestival in Turin, we're gripped by a restless feeling that won't settle until we're in Amnesia's Main Room at 4:01.

Tuesday 18 July / Dax J / Pure Carl Cox at Privilege

Step forward Dax J – an artist who's surely set to offload some of the most savage techno you'll likely hear all season. The London-Born, Berlin-based bruiser marks his DJ debut this summer, and we're forever grateful (as if we weren't already) to Coxy for giving us a dosage of his mixing velocity in the Privilege's Main Room at Pure Carl Cox. There's good reason for him being a nominee in DJ Awards' Breakthrough category, and you might just be placing your vote after Tuesday's performance.

Wednesday 19 July / Floorplan / Hyte at Amnesia

Last week we had the techno veteran as Robert Hood, and in what is another one-off appearance we're getting him under his moniker Floorplan, which sees him bringing his daughter Lyric into the booth. Fusing gospel, house, disco and techno - Floorplan is all about blistering party music and anything goes. While Floorplan strikes out on the Terrace, in the Main Room London crew FUSE is in for the first date of 2017, with founder Enzo Siragusa and residents Seb Zito and Rossko at HYTE this week.

Thursday 20 July / Levon Vincent / Mosaic by Maceo Plex Open Air at Destino

On his Facebook artist page, the Berlin-based DJ and producer declares that he is “a scientist working in the field of ass-shakery.” If he's the scientist, then we're his guinea pigs and his laboratory of choice is Pacha's open air venue, Destino. A gorgeous venue that lures in drop dead gorgeous clubbers, it's one to ignite your glamorous side should you wish. Maceo Plex is the only one to introduce Vincent to the island this year, and he's set to make his Mosaic Ibiza debut. In an open-air venue, he'll no doubt go in deep to suit his setting and it'll pack plenty of punch. If you like what you hear from the Berlin-based techno producer, he'll be back with Plex on 22 August at Pacha alongside Recondite.

Thursday 20 July / Somne / Afterlife at Vista Club (Privilege)

Italian producer Somne featured on Afterlife's roster in 2016 and this summer he's back, with his first appearance being inside the Chamber where things get that bit heavier. There's little publicity surrounding SOMNE – an artist who was one-half of electronic duo Clockwork until he went solo in 2013 – but what we do know is that he has a penchant for the melancholic meat when it comes to techno.

Friday 21 July / Derrick May / Music On at Amnesia

If a pub quiz catered to techno enthusiasts were to ask who are the pioneers behind The Belleville Three, quiz takers should be able to nail down the answer without hesitation. Derrick May - a.k.a The Innovator of the three – has been pushing on in his mission to protect civilisation against the demons of “bad music” since he first pounced in the 1980s. With his seminal track Strings Of Life hitting thirty years old in 2017, we're amped to hear the techno venom that makes this legendary techno pioneer tick at Music On this Friday.