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Photo Gallery: Seth Troxler vs. Nightmares On Wax at Wax Da Jam

100% Disco rocks Wax Da Jam at Las Dalias.

Wax Da Jam has truly earnt its stripes when it comes to throwing idiosyncratic parties. Last week, Nightmares On Wax challanged Seth Troxler to a disco-off, shapes were thrown, drinks were spilled and wigs swapped heads throughout the night.

This year's chosen theme for Wax Da Jam is fittingly 'The Season of Giving', and nothing feels better than partying for charity. Nightmares On Wax chief, George Evelyn, once again brought his ambassador work with him. Charitable organisation Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation came into the mix to raise money for children in crisis, as well as the Great Ibiza Vinyl Fair, which brought along a rare record store, giving 10% of vinyl sales to the foundation.

In the case of Wax Da Jam round two 2017, we'll let you do the creeping with your own eyes. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you're not far off 10,000 with our disco-tastic gallery.

Check it out below and be sure to get yourselves up to Las Dalias for round three with guests Kenny Dope, Negghead, Guts and Harley Maxwell on Thursday 17 August.

You won't find any dull folk whilst blitzing about the land of Las Dalias, nor any dreary two-stepping. It's all out or nada!

It was hard to tear ourselves away from the quality disco tunes provided by the boys, but there's mingling to be done outside, and it's much easier with a red barrister wig on your head.

It's absolutely not a disco night without a dance off. Throughout the evening a trail of man-made dance circles accumulated in the main room, with a soul train leading us bang into the centre of boogie town.

Another brownie point is given to Wax Da Jam for its affordable drink prices. No need to dig deep into your wallet for a Mojito. This, of course, can end in two ways...

Smiles all around, dancing whilst funding wells for those without water in certain countries.

You can catch Masters At Work legend Kenny Dope at Wax Da Jam come August 17. After Troxler laying the wig law down, we reckon you should keep up the tradition.

Here's the end result. 10% of the profits raised during a Wax Da Jam night goes towards Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation. With this contribution, they build wells in third world countries, helping supply them with water. This is a photo of one of the wells the foundation has already built with your help. Until next time!

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