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Ibiza Watersports- your guide to a complete day of wet fun

Check out Ibiza Watersports in San Antonio for an unforgettable Mediterranean adventure.

Whether you're looking for a high intensity inflatable fun-fest or a relaxing and paradisiacal snorkelling excursion, Ibiza Watersports certainly has something to satisfy your every desire.

Located on S'Estanyol beach, San Antonio Bay, Ibiza Watersports offers a wide range of activities that got my blood pumping and heart racing. I had the pleasure of being towed by a boat in San Antonio, whizzing across the ocean at speeds of up to 20 knots (around 37km/h), on a choice of 5 different inflatables. There's also the chance to fly high on the revolutionary flyboard, a device with jets of water shooting out of your feet like a superhero, or try a go on the water-skis or wakeboards, jet skis and paddle boards are also on offer and great fun!

For me, one of the fantastic things about Ibiza Watersports are the packs they offer, which mix heart-racing activities with boat trips and snorkelling. I took part in their 'Fun Pack', their most popular pack along with the 'Fun Sunset Pack' (both a very reasonable €65). Both packs offer 2 inflatable rides, where I got to hurtle across the water, shrieking with joy and enjoying the rush of adrenaline. I'd advise trying the inflatable sofa for a first-time inflatable ride. If you're looking for even more of a thrill and you're up for taking a plunge into the ocean then be sure to have a go on the ‘tornado,' for guaranteed G-force as you slalom round the boats in San Antonio Bay.

After my fun-filled morning of bouncing inflatables, I hopped onboard the speedboat for the snorkelling trip, with our captain, Damian, a popular character with everyone on the boat. Damian entertained us with his tour towards the left side on San Antonio and provided Balearic beats which got us all in the mood to groove. I marvelled at Ibiza's beautiful bays and stunning scenery, which other passengers described as, "amazing", "mesmerising" and "simply wow".

As we pulled up to the picturesque Cala Bassa, surrounded by some of the clearest water in Ibiza (hence the celebrities' villas that border it), Damian helped us all to drinks from the free bar, with cool Sangria, San Miguel and coke being popular choices. I then opted to snorkel for about half an hour of the 45 minutes we stopped for, using Ibiza Watersports' innovative watercraft, the 'bladefish', to observe the vibrant fish and the deep, rich colours of the Mediterranean. It was one of the best snorkelling experiences I've ever had, due to the tranquillity of the setting and the vast range of aquatic life.

Damian certainly made a difference to my experience, an opinion seconded by everyone else on the boat after he helped people to swim and float, and provided us all with anecdotes about Ibiza and the tour itself. As I lay on the side of the boat, admiring Ibiza's breath-taking beauty, with my ice cold can, I thought: this, this is heavenly. For me, and my shipmates, Ibiza Watersports provide an experience that is only a shade short of a utopia. Yes, it really is that good!

After about 45 minutes, we headed back into San Antonio, the whole crew in high spirits and thrilled by Damian's nimble turns and prowess with the boat (I would note, however, that if you're elderly or have back problems then you may be a little uncomfortable). I basked in the sun's rays, and, like my fellow shipmates, returned with a wide smile beaming across my face; hard to wipe off.

We returned to shore sun-kissed and buzzing, and Damien received well-deserved thanks and a round of applause. A passenger turned to me and said, “I could do that all day, the personality of the captain is what makes all the difference.” Amen to that! The excursion is well worth the price you pay, so make sure you get down to San Antonio today and check out Ibiza Watersports.

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