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Top new tracks May 2017

A smacking of summer heat in this month's new releases.

B.B (aka Donato Dozzy & Carola Pisaturo) 'Oscar' / Claque Musique
/ 1 May

Italian record label Claque Musique slams in with with a collaborative vinyl package, and from the eight meaty cuts, we bring you the first track from the loot. A collaborative effort between label head, Carola Pisaturo, and fellow Italian Donato Dozzy, it's a chugging house bumper that's edging for a space in your collection.

Introversion 'Unmarried Old Man' / Dystopia / 31 May

The first techno smasher this month comes from Berlin producer, Introversion. If a dystopia is a society that is undesirable or frightening, you might imagine that an unmarried old man would be one of the individuals that dwells there – that is if we are to buy into the idea that marriage and youth is more favourable. Regardless of what you believe, this is dark and hard, with haunting, echoing vocals communicating one thing: DANCE.

DJ Soch 'Love For Yourself' / Black Angus Records / 15 May

It's not the first time we've looked to the Italian producer for some blistering house, and if he continues to fire tracks like this our way, it certainly won't be the last. Said to pay a little homage to the mid ´90s, dark basements, muscle boys and party kids, kings and queens, and pimps and hoes, we're totally digging DJ Soch's personal vision. Ploughing hours into raking through old records to find the right sample, and in this case falling on “Love For Yourself” pumps nothing but good feelings of self-love into your bloodstream.

Rødhåd 'Kinder der Ringwelt' (Donato Dozzy Remix) / Dystopian / 22 May

Dystopian label honcho, Rødhåd, has given up a track for a good reworking, and Donato Dozzy is your man. The Italian producer - who is also behind the project Voices From The Lake and the Spazio Disponibile label – weighs in on the bruising original cut with a heavier hand and brings us intense heads down techno.

Brassica 'Splash' / Vivod / 15 May

Brassica prowess continues shines through following his release on Feel My Bicep late last year, with Vivod being the latest label to sign him up. Burried within his Blue Function EP are four tracks that take in house, techno, EBM and more. Splash advances with beatific, yet melancholic transitions. For those in touch with the UK producer's material, it's likely that you'll consider this to have that unmistakeable Brassica touch.

Kölsch 'Goodbye' / Kompakt / 26 May

We'll be seeing the Danish sound architect aplenty this summer in Ibiza with residencies for regular appearances at ANTS and for Hi residency In The Dark. So, crack on in and get yourselves acquainted with his newest offering on Speicher – also known as Kompakt Extra. It follows the standout success of his record Grey, which catapulted Kölsch into daytime UK radio. Goodbye creates a charmingly melancholic mood, while organ-like synth textures enhance the mood of the track. Many of us don't like goodbyes, but this is one you'll be buzzing to experience.

Chloé 'The Dawn' (Dixon Remix) / Lumière Noire Records / 19 May

He gave us an insight into his ingenuity with the final keynote talk at IMS Ibiza, and then delivered an incredible B2B set with Masters At Work at IMS Dalt Vila. With both still replaying in our minds and three much-anticipated Ibiza dates in the calendar, we bring you a track that is sure to get a good rinsing in the coming months. His rework packs bite, as he exchanges delicate tones for booming bass hits, and synths that push and drive the track forward with the kind of concentrated intensity he is extoled for.

Enzo Siragusa & Archie Hamilton ‘Ricochet' / Moscow Music / 12 May

A few weeks back we got close and personal with FUSE resident Archie Hamilton in an interview that charted his career defining moments. As FUSE stands to collaborate HYTE across four dates this season, we're giving you some FUSE juice from Hamilton and the brand's founder, Enzo Siragusa. An unbridled terrace bomb, which has already been road tested by the crew this winter, you've got big beats, hip-hop style bursts and dubby chords - all set to give you utmost satisfaction on the dance floor.

Markus Schulz presents Dakota Feat. Bev Wild 'Running Up That Hill' / Coldharbour Recordings / 29 May

Uploaded four days ago and weighing in with 59 thousand views, Markus Schulz's club adaptation of Kate Bush's timeless record with vocalist Dakota has clearly had trance heads clambering to press ´PLAY´. It's everything you want trance to be: hypnotic, hair-raising, packed with synths and loaded with euphoric crescendos. Catch Schulz at Cream on Thursday 22 June.

Feiertag 'Uncanny Valley' / The Enigma Corporation / 15 May

The Enigma Corporation – a New York based group – have so far released three Eps, and for its fourth it brings back label favourite Feiertag for his first solo outing on the label. In Uncanny Valley, the Dutch artist reins in a sound that fans old and new will adore. An opulent blend of live instrumentation, glassy synths and rich, summery chords, it unfolds as a live jam. He's an artist to look out for.

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