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Ibiza Winter Diary - Halloween

Spook the night away!

Ibiza is a land of just two seasons - summer and winter. There's no real transition between them. One day, the island is buzzing with club parades and tourists, then the next, it just all sort of changes. Just like that. In the blink of an eye. What is left is a magically tranquil island, steeped in culture and set in the most wonderful colours and landscapes of natural beauty. Those of us who call the island our home, are lucky enough to witness this first hand and we respect it and enjoy it for those few months when the super clubs are shut.

So what do we get up to? Don't we get bored? Far from it! This new series intends to catalogue the many things that we busy ourselves with during the winter months. Plenty of small soirées, hikes, activities and mouth-watering food to eat. So let us begin. With Halloween...

For those in the know, Halloween serves as an unofficial close to the season for islanders and the lovely folks who work here all season. It's a chance to get seriously dressed up and let your ghoulish hair down. And the parties that are thrown are that of legend. Ibiza goes all garishly out for one frightening night (and following day!) only. Here's where you will find the island's party crew.

La Bodega Closing Party

Any discerning local will start Halloween evening at La Bodega. The tapas restaurant at the foot of the Dalt Vila ramp is well known for being fast and friendly; a bustling hive of activity with excellent food and brilliant service. However, they officially close their doors for the season on Halloween and no cobwebs are spared in making this night the most scary tapas experience you'll have all year.

Insider Info - The waiters will be unrecognisable in fancy dress, but certainly look out for the famous La Bodega waiter who is normally dressed in S & M style leather pants and braces. He comes into his own on Halloween and his costume always takes on a rather sordidly scary bondage style theme. Behind the bar, Edu brews a hair-raisingly strong Halloween concoction. Tomas the waiter will no doubt force a shot of this down you, before you head off into the night.


Then it is up to Bambuddha on the San Juan road for Halloween dinner. The beautifully bamboo clad restaurant is transformed into a darkly sophisticated Halloween lair where the island's cool crowd congregate for a 4 course dinner of impeccable Bambuddha quality, before heading into the depths of the restaurant to the Tantra Club for an all night ghostly rave. In the shadowy corners, anything goes and the dress code this year is fetish, depraved and religious and will be taken to the nth degree by those involved.

Insider Info - Look out for the head honcho of Bambuddha, JonJon Moon. His fancy dress outfits have started to take on an almost superstar quality! Most people are totally incognito, masquerading as creatures of the night, and as soon as the dinner finishes, free shots are handed out to loosen up the divinely phantasmal throngs and the hedonism suddenly begins. Do remember to put yourself on the guestlist or book a table for dinner as early as possible. This devilishly macabre knees up is over subscribed...

Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes

After you've had your demonic fill of the wildly depraved Bambuddha party, it is onwards to Pikes. Their Vamp party is in its relative infancy, having only thrown 3 previous Halloween shindigs, but if anyone knows how to go to town on a party, it's the Pikes crew. The labyrinth of a hotel has spooky surprises around every corner, with a wicked array of local DJs, classic horror films screened all night and Sunny's karaoke taking on a darker side of singing. Again, costumes are taken very seriously and prizes are given out for those best dressed. No outfit, no entry...

Insider Info - Don't miss island resident Samantha Carrie Smith who appears as a zombie Amy Winehouse impressionist. Superb skills. Also, do take time to wander all around the grounds and rooms as there is a terrifying surprise around every corner. Prepare to be petrified.

Halloween at Pacha

No nocturnal plans in Ibiza can avoid Pacha, the club that never closes, is, of course, open!! TEN Ibiza return to the hallowed finca for the start of their winter residency, their 3rd season in fact, after having spent the summer in Lio in Ibiza's Marina. Oriol Calvo will be joined by Martijn Tan Velden and Graham Sahara for this Halloween special.

Insider Info - as with many winter parties at Pacha, there is usually an easy way to get yourself on the guestlist for free entry. Check Ten's facebook page for this one.

Boutique Hostal Salinas

To top off an already gruesomely demonic night spent party hopping around the island, Fright Night concludes in a massive blood bath of a crescendo at Boutique Hostal Salinas. The cemetery doors open at 3am and from then on, the undead from all the other parties transcend upon this most evil of afterparties and continue to do so ‘til death do us part. This year, BHS have pulled out all the morbid stops and have procured not only the island's finest selectors to play in the darkened rooms, but also have Clive Henry, Alfredo and Salvatore Stallone providing the spine-chilling soundtrack.

Insider Info - This year's theme is the 'Zombie Kitty Apocatlips' where the grim theme will be feline based. This means that all party peeps will be asked to donate to local charity Care 4 Cats, who work endlessly and thanklessly neutering and catching the many strays around Ibiza and rely on the kindness of others for funding. They may have their work cut out with the number of strays likely to be lingering on at BHS once the sun comes up and the vampires continue to live and breathe all over the hotel.

So contrary to popular belief, the island may be winding down, but October is the time for us locals to have some fun after working bloody hard all season. And remember, we are the party professionals. Come November, things quieten down. Or do they? You'll have to read this series weekly to find out...

WORDS | Leena Sharma

(Pacha photo credit: Nacho Dorado)

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