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Insider A -Z of Ibiza: U is for Underground Parties

Rave in a cave

Ibiza - home of big parties with huge commercial viability and host to some of the world's biggest DJs. But scratch beneath the surface and there's another scene going down where the locals hang out and avoid expensive drinks prices, crowds of tourists and the huge stage production, fireworks and glitter cannons if it ain't their thing. Often referred to as the ‘underground scene', here are a few of the parties that strip it right back and inject the right dose of hedonism and realism that the island was famous for, way before the first super club opened its shiny doors.

Namaste at Las Dalias

If live music, food, hippies and a night market is your thing, then Namaste at Las Dalias will definitely tickle your fancy. Miles away from the music and vibe of the big clubs, Namaste takes you back to the halcyon days of Bohemia and free love. Raw live bands, a stunning backdrop of ethnic cushions and drapes and a family atmosphere make for a party that although you may never have heard of, is a brilliant breath of fresh air.

Insider Info - Make sure you book a table for dinner if you're heading to Namaste for the evening. Las Dalias put on a specially designed Indian menu every Wednesday and, boy is it popular. You'd be gutted to miss out as the spicy scents waft through the beautiful Las Dalias garden, so reservations are highly recommended.

Rave In A Cave

Absolutely legendary amongst island residents, the Rave in a Cave has been in existence for a number of years now and generally happens at a secret location in a cave somewhere on the island. Word spreads round the local grapevine at lightning speed and all of a sudden, you find yourself dancing to some of the best music the island has to offer at one of the most magical spots you will never find again. Parties continue way past sunrise and are the thing that history is made of. If you ever get an invite to one of these mythical shindigs, do not turn it down!

Insider Info - Don't be surprised to see Bushwacka gracing the decks as the Apollonia boys get down in the crowds. This is where DJs come to escape the madness and where they all wish they could play.

Boutique Hostal Salinas Halloween

Fright Night on the island is MASSIVE. It marks the official end of the season for the locals and the workers and hair getting let down is a big fat understatement. Various parties take place around the island and the level of attention to detail when it comes to the costumes is, quite frankly, frightening. But the local's party of choice takes place down at Boutique Hostal Salinas. After all the other gatherings across the island draw to a close, the BHS team fling open the catacomb doors at 3am and those in the know descend upon the little hotel in droves. Each room on the ground floor is transformed into a dark den of iniquity and the island's favourite resident DJs bang out music to the evilly dressed way into the daylight and beyond the vampiric hours!

Insider Info - Underneath those costumes lie the true celebrities of the island. From promoters to DJs to club owners. So you never know, the guy dressed as Beetlejuice might be the head of Space or the woman dressed as Morticia Addams could be Carl Cox's manager. Spooky...

DJ Harvey at Pikes

Pikes has fast become the local's most preferred hang out due to the discreet nature of their mindset and their penchant for crazy. This year, the Ibiza Rocks House team have struck gold with their booking of the fabled DJ Harvey for a 6 Monday residency this summer. Anyone who is a fan of his work knows that this is big news as he is super choosy with where he plays and hasn't held a residency for many many years. Team this with a discerning crowd of the island's finest music lovers and you've got a very refreshing alternative to DC10 and Cocoon.

Insider Info - Don't miss out on the Pikes resident DJs who take over the other rooms and warm up for Harvey. They are the unsung heroes of the venue and certainly know how to get a dancefloor moving! And don't forget to visit Sunny's boudoir. Fancy dress and glitter heaven.

The word ‘underground' is bandied around often and seems to be acknowledged as a secret code for cult like events that only a few are privy to. However, seek and you shall find. Ibiza is home to heaps of alternative nights that go against the grain.

Next week V is for Views - a few ideas of places to go and things to do should you wish to make a romantic gesture...

Insider's A - Z of Ibiza

WORDS | Leena Sharma PHOTOGRAPHY | Ryan o Gorman, Luke Dyson, Las Dalias, Jane Charilaou

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