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Insider A -Z of Ibiza: T is for Terraces

Look at that view!

One of the locals' most favoured pastimes is people watching. The island is always alive with the bold, beautiful, weird and wonderful. And what better place to do it from than the comfort of one the many terraces conveniently located outside just about every cafe, bar, restaurant and shop. Terraces in Ibiza are designed to keep you outside yet in the shade and so comfortable that you stay. But just like everything in life, there are good ones, and there are excellent ones. Here's some of my faves...

Bar Flotante

This terrace is one that I have visited many times and one that I discovered many years ago as a visitor to the island. Tucked into a corner of Talamanca beach, this understated little cafe is much frequented by locals and those in the know. The beauty of this terrace is that it reaches out into the sand and right upto the water's edge giving the impression of almost being able to put your feet in the sea. Flip flops off and toes in the sand no matter what time of the day.

Insider Info - The food here is simple but very tasty Spanish grub. The sardines are fresh out of the Med and the breakfasts gather groups of gossiping locals all year round as they consume coffee after coffee and tostada - toasted bread with olive oil and crushed sweet tomatoes. A favourite hangout of Alfredo - Godfather of balearic music.


Just around the bay in Marina Botafoch is Calma, and as the name may suggest, this is a welcomely modest and peaceful establishment amidst the glitz and glamour of Lio and Cappuchino. The shady terrace offers stunning and unrestricted views over to the magnificent Dalt Vila. And with reasonable prices and a simple menu specialising in fresh fish, it is little wonder that this spot has become popular amongst the locals all year round, when the restaurant put a see-through awning around the terrace so as not to block that fabulous view.

Insider Info - The dish of the day is unbeatable! For just €15 you could get a huge plate of delicious oxtail stewed all day or a glorious fish dish. Grab a glass of something crisp from the superb wine list to accompany it with and watch the sunset as superyachts glide past on their way back to dock after a day out in Formentera.

El Carmen

Located on the beautiful beach of Cala D'Hort, the terrace at Carmen is the front row to one of the best shows on the island - sunset behind Es Vedra. If you've never seen it, prepare to be wowed by the breathtaking sight of the sun going down with Ibiza's magical rock in the foreground! The terrace is long and wide and has lots of big tables suitable for groups. Take your mates and enjoy the spectacle.

Insider Info - El Carmen is reknowned for its paella, and rightly so! With the biggest paella dishes that man has ever seen, the waiters make a big display of showing you your paella before dishing up steaming rice with fresh fish, shellfish and meat. A fab way to spend an evening.

Hostal La Torre

This peaceful old school Spanish restaurant and hotel located on a clifftop in Cap Negret, just minutes from San Antonio, delivers the most mind-blowing view of sunset from their terrace. Hostal La Torre has recently been taken over by the Mambo Brothers of sunset strip fame. But don't let this deter you - they have stayed true to the original rustic authenticity of the joint but added a modern cocktail menu and an appropriate sunset DJ to soundtrack the experience. It is just out of the way enough to command a more discerning crowd.

Insider Info - This spot is becoming a firm favourite amongst the local celebrity crowd. Expect to see DJs rubbing shoulders with the local set whilst sharing jugs of sangria and sharing platters as the sun disappears into the sea. Pretty special...

Space Terrace

No list of terraces would ever be complete without a mention of the legendary Space Terrace. Although some Ibiza veterans may argue that it lost its charm when they put the roof on it back in 2005, this amazing dancefloor is still home to some of the best parties the island has seen. And with a bespoke Funktion One soundsystem, this very special institution allows the crowd to be fully absorbed by the music and atmosphere. Oo, if the walls could talk.

Insider Info - The bar on the mezzanine closest to the DJ booth is home to one of the best bartenders in Ibiza - Sonja. The speed at which this girl can serve a multitude of customers with different orders, whilst maintaining a friendly smile on her face stands testament to the vibe of the club. Buy her a shot of hierbas and she'll be your mate for life. Sonja never forgets a face.

See you on a terrace very soon!

Next week, U is for Underground parties. What does that really mean to the locals and where do we go to experience these mythical parties and mysterious genre of music?!

Insider's A - Z of Ibiza

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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