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Insider's A to Z of Ibiza - B is for Boutique Hostal Salinas

A Spotlight favourite in Salinas.

Set back from the main Salinas beach road and nestled within a peaceful and secluded compound, lies Boutique Hostal Salinas - a beautifully chic 11 roomed hotel and restaurant, designed to cater for those wanting a tranquil haven just minutes from the sea and the action of the clubs.

But over the years, Boutique Hostal Salinas has become a social hub for the locals, as well as the hotel guests who just keep on coming back. So we ask ourselves - what makes BHS so special to us all-year-rounder Ibiza residents?

To the untrained eye, Boutique Hostal Salinas could be just another one of the cute and modern places to stay on the island. But apart from its perfect location, this venue holds a particular allure that continually attracts the stalwart party renegades.

Owned and serviced around the clock by three of Ibiza's warmest and well-known characters, Dave Phillips, Düsi Wolfmeir and Anita Dey, the genial atmosphere and feeling of exclusivity make both visitors to the island and the locals feel very welcome indeed.

In the words of David Phillips, co-hotelier and long-term island resident - “When you come to stay at the hotel, you come to OUR place by the beach, and we try to make sure you come away with the best experience possible. That can mean an amazing culinary experience with our chefs, good advice on what to do (or not do), sorting guestlists, late night chats full of local goss, us dragging half the hotel out to our Lo Cura Lounge nights at We Love, or even Anita chasing you up the stairs with her miracle potion for pink shoulders. It's us. We and the team are the hotel. There are no huge backers, no corporate interests, it's just us doing our thing. A lot of people appreciate that and have made it their home when they come to the island, when they could literally stay wherever they wanted”.

When it comes to its appeal to the locals, Dave has these thoughts “Since we ran the infamous Lo Cura Bar in Ibiza Town, we three, primarily Düsi, have been able to entertain a big cross-section of Ibiza's local community. I grew up in Southern Spain, but although I'm English, I never went for those kind of social circles that are predominantly British. Anita is of both Spanish and Indian heritage and speaks loads of languages, Düsi is Austrian but speaks Spanish, and hilarious company, so we get on with anyone practically! Plus there's no VIP area - everyone's a VIP. I know lots of people from years of DJing and bars, Düsi comes from the restaurant and bar business from all around Europe and Anita can charm absolutely any living thing. The Hotel is a happy place, perhaps a refuge from the overblown goings-on that happen elsewhere on the island."

And then there are the legendary parties. Throughout the summer, Boutique Hostal plays host to a number of events that have become a thing of folklore. Going on into the night and bringing the cream of Ibiza's weird and wonderful together, these often wild affairs are not to be missed.

Again, I think the intimate atmosphere at the hotel is appealing. Throw a party there and it feels like a house party full of friends. We do loads of events all through the summer from fashion markets to record label parties (music and food make our world go round) to the massive end of summer shindigs and I often hear the same thing. People feel that sense of freedom that they felt all those years ago when they first came here to Ibiza. That makes my heart glow because I know exactly what that feels like”.

We're very much inclined to believe Dave's theory. Just swing by for an afternoon mojito after the beach and get chatting with the owners to hear more tales of debaunchery and to get a feel for this spot that we hold so dear. Find out for yourself! Just don't forget to ask about the fabled Halloween Fiestas...

Next week, C is for Countryside. Find out why a jaunt out of town is so very appealing.

Insider's A to Z of Ibiza

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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