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6 reasons to love Christmas (and New Year) in Ibiza

6 of the coolest sides of Yuletide in Ibiza

Many say that one of the most charming times of the year to be in Ibiza is around the festive season. Here's our top 6 reasons why.

The true spirit of Christmas

1. Whilst people of course buy each other seasonal gifts and hearty festive spirit abounds, the commercial aspect of Christmas is pretty low-key here in Ibiza. Sure, shops stay open later and there is a festive surge in trade, but emptying the entire contents of your bank account in a stressed-out, pressure-laden shopping frenzy doesn't really happen here. It's all about relaxing with loved ones, modest gifts and leisurely meals either at home or at any one of many beautiful Ibiza restaurants (preferably involving lashings of Hierbas over ice and a roaring fire). Ahhhh...

Family time

2. There's a charmingly traditional emphasis on family time and it's normal to see four generations all out together celebrating the festive season, from babies to great-grandparents and everyone in-between!

Festive melting-pot

3. The festive vibe is warm, lively, cosmopolitan, multi-lingual and culturally diverse. The remarkable Ibiza community encompasses a wide spectrum of faiths, nationalities, languages, creeds and characters. It's one of the most broad-minded and tolerant communities in the World. This wonderful, colourful, mish-mash of diverse cultural influences can be seen and felt wherever you go in Ibiza. Its residents (quite rightly so) are very proud of that.

Christmas sunshine

4. The weather, whilst certainly nowhere near as warm as the glorious summer, is still beautiful. The occasional rains give welcome relief to the thirsty Ibiza mountains and forest and the majority of the time, it's still sunny and the sky's still blue. Yea!

The best parties (obviously)

5. Circo Loco is throwing a party at DC10 on new year's day and Carl Cox is headlining. Oh yes. And Tribal Sessions are throwing a (free) Christmas do at Sankeys. Pacha, of course, will be swinging and sparkling with parties, glitz and glamour all season.

Festive extension!

6. In many countries, including the UK, it's all over on new year's day. But not in Spain. We continue merrily on until January 6th, ‘Dia de los Reyes Magos' (Day of the Magic Kings, otherwise known as The Epiphany). This feast brings yet another round of presents and huge celebrations as kids of all ages line the streets to watch the annual kings' procession. This involves the kings (or the 3 wise men as we know them in the UK) parading through the streets of Ibiza Town on the night of the 5th, on huge floats, throwing gifts of sweets and chocolates to the excited delight of the thronging kiddie-winkles. It really is a fab experience, no matter what your age, as the grown-ups look indulgently on, quaffing, feasting and celebrating liberally in any one of the array of cool cafés and bustling bars of Ibiza such as La Cava and Hard Rock Café. These two in particular are ideally located for ‘Reyes,' both being in prime position on Vara de Rey, the epicentre of the action.

So if you've never experienced a merry, Balearic Christmas, heads up Ibiza lovers! With super budget deals on hotels, apartments and villas, it's a canny time for a crafty visit to your favourite paradise island. A sunny Christmas walk along the beach, anyone?

WORDS | Jane Charilaou PHOTO | Jane Charilaou

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