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Ibiza Halloween Special Part 2

Where to find the most heinously horrifying Halloween costumes in Ibiza, mwahaha!

As last week's Halloween special hit the streets and the good people of Ibiza ran hither and thither on a dedicated hunt for the most perfectly horrifying Halloween outfit, we heard the desperate cry of, “Where can I get the fanciest fancy-dress costume in the land for this glorious, glamorous Ibiza night of fright?"

Well look no further my vampish little vampires and abominably wicked witchy-poos. We probed around viciously (whilst wearing a creepy mask) and terrified our fellow Ibiza residents into giving us their top tips for finding the perfect Halloween costume. Here's what they revealed before we plunged them into a doom-filled pit of darkness!

Dress up Box Ibiza - mobile

Dress up box Ibiza are a pop-up fancy-dress shop and will usually turn up with their wondrous boxes of shimmeringly scandalous fabulousness wherever your party is located. However, on this auspicious Halloween occasion, those maestros of outrageous clothes are opening their Santa Eulalia studio for either bespoke appointments on the 30th if you feel you need a bit of a consultation, or drop-ins for the more casual, confident types on the 31st. For more info and directions to the studio call the team (or whatsapp) on +44 7980 022 067. Alternatively, drop them an email on

Folder, San Antonio

Folder, incongruously, is a stationery chain. However, the San Antonio branch, located on Carrer del Progrés 46, has a top floor that is stuffed with fancy dress costumes of all kinds. Particularly good for kiddies. Open from 10am-2pm then 5-8pm Monday to Saturday. For a map of the location just click here.

La Cucaña - Ibiza Town

The original fancy-dress emporium for over 35 years. Everything from costumes and make-up to wigs, fangs and fake blood. La Cucaña in Ibiza Town has it all. Nip down to their shop on Calle Aragon 107 and you're sure to find something suitably freakish...opening hours 10am-2pm then 5-8pm Monday to Saturday. For a map of the location click here.

There have been some mutterings about the local chinese shops stocking fancy-dress costumes too but it's generally agreed that these items although cheaper are of considerably lesser quality. The large warehouse type place on the Santa Eulalia ring road is full of capes and masks with protruding green hair and such, as is the one in San Antonio opposite the big car park on Avenida D'Isidor Macabich. There's also a large selection in Wang, just behind Ikea in Ibiza Town. So, if you're looking for a one-time-use, throw away costume, it might be worth a browse...

Happy Halloween!

WORDS | Jane Charilaou PHOTO | Dress Up Box Ibiza

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