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Which beach to choose in and around San Antonio

Friendly, flamboyant or family, which is the perfect beach for you?

May is finally here and the Ibiza 2014 season has officially begun! So as we glide happily towards a sizzling summer, it's natural that our thoughts should start gravitating to that most sublime of pleasures: those glorious Ibiza beaches.

We're going to have a good, in-depth look at a different collection of Ibiza beaches every week throughout this coming season, focusing on the different personalitites of each one.

Think of it as a course in pleasure! By the end of summer, you'll be intimately acquainted with all the most stunning stretches of sun, sand and sea that Ibiza has to offer. This should make it all the more easy for you to plan your perfect holiday.

S'Arenal, San Antonio

This week's Spotlight is on much-loved, lively San Antonio. We're going to take a look at 3 distinctly different beaches: The main beach S'Arenal in the centre by the port, San Antonio bay to the left and Cala des Moro to the right.

So what's the difference? It's all sun, sea and sand, right? Wrong! These three beaches have very different personalities. Here's the low-down.

S'Arenal main beach

Beginning with S'Arenal, the main beach of San Antonio in the centre of town, this sandy strip is one for the clubbers.

Half a kilometre long, it's literally spitting distance from Es Paradis, home to big boys such as Hed Kandi. Not to mention the brand-spanking-new Gatecrasher (previously Eden). We can't wait to see what those party maestros have up their sleeves this year.

Es Paradis

Some of the coolest Ibiza bars line the promenade. Think Ibiza Rocks bar (best veggie-burger in San An), Orange Corner (great meeting point as it's very, well, orange!), Bay Bar (shisha pipes, mmm!) and Itaca (great prices on drinks, lovely tapas). I once bumped into the Kaiser Chiefs whilst having a quick glass of wine in Ibiza Rocks Bar. Just sayin...

Ibiza Rocks Bar

The sand is fine, the water is warm and shallow and it's kept immaculately clean. It's friendly too - people can and will come over for impromptu chats, so great for meeting new holiday friends. You're practically right on top of the flamboyant West End.

San Antonio watersports

You can check out the gleaming white yachts in the harbour and take a gorgeous boat ride to a wide variety of west-coast locations from there, often cheaper and quicker than a taxi plus a REALLY nice way to get around! And if you fancy a private boat charter, this is the place to be folks!

Don't be shy, say hello to the different bars' PRs who are abundant in the area. They're a generous bunch of souls and they'll often give you flyers for free shots when you visit their bar.


San Antonio Bay

If you continue following the beach out of town to the left, you'll soon hit beautiful San Antonio bay and the territory changes considerably. The bay consists of 5 small beaches, each offering their own little piece of paradise.

San Antonio Bay

Clubs, bars and excited ravers give way to a more relaxed, family environment. This is where you will find many of the best San Antonio hotels and a great range of stuff for kids such as Airzone (roll around in a ball bigger than you!) and Star Boats (captain a boat yourself!).

There are some very swanky bars too, like Ocean Beach Club (chic luxury and uber-cool) and Kumharas (San Antonio's bohemian sunset temple) but the emphasis is generally on family-friendly facilities.

Kumharas Ibiza

Cala des Moro

Turning now in the other direction from San Antonio centre (to the right). You'll walk along the promenade, going past sunset strip until you reach the end. And there, glistening, is the small cove of Cala des Moro.

Cala des Moro San Antonio

This is the undisputed cool zone. Many Ibiza workers live around this area and so you'll find this tiny beach crammed with off-duty PRs, dancers, bartenders and other island residents. All buffing up their tans for that perfect shade of bronze, to be liberally exhibited later on, ahem. They're a glamorous lot, those workers!

Cala des Moro, San Antonio

Of course, you're right next to sunset strip. Think Café Mambo, Café del Mar, Savannah, Kanya and Mint Lounge and lots of pre-club parties where you can regularly hear some of the biggest DJs on the planet play free, for you!

Café Mambo sunset

Not to mention that this is the zone of that most classic of Ibiza experiences: watching the legendary sunset with thousands of delighted fellow holiday-makers to rapturous applause. I've actually seen tears. Pure magic. And congratulations by the way, you're now a San Antonio beach connoisseur!

For a selection of gorgeous villa options in the area just click here.

NB: Lovers of Cala Gracio and Cala Gracionata, we have not forgotton you, never fear. More insider beach tips soon!

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