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Review: Ibiza Cooking School with Chef Louise Gould

Cordon Bleu trained Chef Louise Gould, with Babylon Beach brings us the Ibiza Cooking School

Imagine: a cooking class where in the space of a few hours the participants learn to prepare a Hollandaise Sauce, a flambéed Brandy Sauce and a Passion Fruit Soufflé. That is an impressive and delicious day of cooking. Equally, it's a great accomplishment from teacher, Chef Lou Gould. These are recipes worthy of a professional culinary school and can be both tricky and intimidating. Lou's fun and positive style of instruction made the whole thing work easily, culminating in a fabulous lunch complete with wine.

Better still the fabulous lunch comes with a great view. The classes are held at Can Pere Mussona, the islands beautiful organic livestock farm, well worth an after lunch stroll. The farm raises organic pigs, has a breeding program to save indigenous rare breed species and runs an educational program for kids.

The classes are held in a large, light and well-appointed kitchen. There are cooking hobs for each student - everyone has the opportunity to cook their own dish. This is great because cooking is hands on and best learnt from experience. The Valentine themed menu, in full, consisted of Fillet steaks with two sauces, Hollandaise and Flambéed Brandy Cream, Homemade Chips and Passion Fruit Souffle.

We began with a Valentine cocktail, a choice of Cava Elderberry or Cava Rhubarb Cocktail - we all tasted both. After drinks and a thorough introduction of the days menu, we were off.

First a demonstration of Hollandaise, followed by the rolling of the fillet steaks in cracked peppercorn, the grilling in butter and finally the brandy cream sauce, complete with flames. Very impressive. The chips were a delicious lesson, but without the drama of the flames.

Bowls of upside down whipped egg whites.. point proven (even if photographer was as nervous as everyone else!)

Next up the Soufflé. Apparently, it's all in the egg whites. They must be whipped enough so that when the bowl is tipped upside down, they stick and do not slide, but are not over beaten and dried out. A feat we all accomplished. Following this was the careful folding into the Passion Fruit. Rigorous folding results in a flat soufflé. Funny enough the person with the least experience had the best soufflé height.

Chef Lou achieved the very best out of us while we all had a great time. In fact, I have booked a private lunch lesson. Early Spring, a fabulous cook off for eight in a magnificent setting - it promises to be an awesome Ibiza day.

Classes are € 50 (all inclusive) - for further details, contact Lou Gould at +34 637105508.
Elderberry Cordial is available from Ibiza Delivers

Photo credits: Organic Annie herself - whilst cooking!

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